Twitch streamer humiliated after waitress says she weighs too much for plastic chair

Michael Gwilliam
waitress makes twitch streamer justketh change chairs

Twitch streamer ‘justketh’ had her feelings hurt when a waitress made her change chairs because she might break the one she was sitting on.

Justketh has been traveling the globe as one of Twitch’s top IRL streamers and her latest trip has taken her to Laos.

During a March 20 broadcast, the streamer was eating at a restaurant and talking with her chat when a waitress showed up and quickly had her change from a plastic chair to a wooden one.

The IRL streamer went along with the request, but looked quite a bit put off by the situation, explaining that the waitress was scared the chair would break by her sitting on it.

“She said the plastic chair is weak,” Justketh scoffed. “Bro, what do you mean?”

Keth went on to note that while she understood where the waitress was coming from and just wanted to be safe, it was still an off-putting experience.

“It kinda hurt my feelings a little bit. I’m not big that much,” she added.

However, Keth’s viewers couldn’t help but poke fun at her for the incident, joking in chat how she was “too heavy” for a kid’s chair and she had “too much junk in the trunk.”

This isn’t the first of Keth’s recent restaurant shenanigans to make waves in Laos. Last week, the streamer got into a heated dispute with a stranger who tried to make her pay for his meal because of laws in a completely different country.