Knut shocked as enraged man confronts him for filming during IRL stream

Twitch streamer Knut showing off his physicTwitter: Knut

Twitch streamer Knut was left shocked as an enraged man confronted him during an IRL streaming for filming on the street.

When it comes to popular categories on Twitch, IRL streaming is towards the top of that list right below general “Just Chatting” streams.

It’s not uncommon for IRL streams to not go quite as planned, with creators getting into fistfights at Burger King and even getting chased by monkeys.

Twitch streamer Knut was recently left shocked after a man confronted him in rage for filming during IRL stream.

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Knut shocked as enraged man confronts him for filming

In the clip on June 1, Knut was live streaming around the streets of his town when an enraged man approached him from across the street.

Seemingly angry about why Knut was filming him, the man asked what he was doing before walking away shortly after.

Shocked, Knut kept on walking in the opposite direction while laughing it off. “I must say, I didn’t feel like I was approaching him,” he said.

Fortunately for Knut, nothing major happened during the altercation as it could have been much worse for the Twitch streamer.

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Knut is known for his insane muscle mass, bodybuilding streams, and collaborations with OTK’s Mizkif, Esfand, and others while visiting Texas on vacation.

He was able to continue on with his stream without any more conflict luckily. For more entertainment news and other viral stories, head over to check out our coverage.

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