Amouranth dominates Kick as most watched female streamer and it’s not even close

Michael Gwilliam
amouranth next to kick logoInstagram/Amouranth/Kick

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has conquered yet another platform as she’s crowned the most-watched female on Kick by a significant margin.

Amouranth has made a massive name for herself in the streaming space, having beaten out the likes of Pokimane to be the most-watched Twitch streamer while making a fortune off OnlyFans.

In July, Amouranth joined a wave of content creators in moving to Kick, a new platform that had just spent $100M to sign Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel to a non-exclusive deal.

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Her first full month on Kick was a monumental hit and the numbers don’t lie as she’s already jumped to the front of the platform with some incredible viewership stats.

amouranth sleep streamsYouTube/The Iced Coffee Hour
Amouranth has taken yet another platform by storm.

Amouranth soars on Kick as platform hits record viewership

According to StreamsCharts, August was a monumental month for Kick as it passed 100M hours watched for the first time with 102.98.

Hot tub streamer Amouranth played a big role, reaching 434,000 hours watched. To put things in perspective, second place ‘Crystal’ streamed nearly five times as much, but had a fraction of Siragusa’s numbers with 81K hours watched.

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Considering this was just her first full month, it’s likely that these numbers grow significantly in September and the cold winter ahead with more viewers inside.

amouranth kick streamer statsstreamscharts
Amouranth was the most-watched female on Kick by a huge margin.

Amouranth’s rise to the top of Kick comes after she just recently condemned Twitch for never giving her any “recognition” as the top female on the platform. She simultaneously praised Kick for being open and transparent as well as hearing suggestions about the site’s future.

Interestingly, however, her numbers aren’t enough to get her into the top ten when factoring in male streamers. Both Adin Ross and xQc soared past the OnlyFans model with 6.1M and 4.7M in August.

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Only time will tell if another streamer can emerge and surpass Amouranth on the green platform, but for now, she’s the one firmly on top. Whether she can break into the top ten overall, however, remains to be seen.

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