Will Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine be in Avengers: Secret Wars?

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With Hugh Jackman confirmed to return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, rumors are already teasing Jackman’s future in the MCU – alongside other heroes, Wolverine could appear in Avengers: Secret Wars.

Ryan Reynolds will mark his MCU debut with Deadpool 3, a project which has until now remained behind lock and key.

To make up for missing Disney’s D23 Expo presentation, Reynolds confirmed that the next Wade Wilson adventure will feature none other than Hugh Jackman as James Howlett/Logan aka Wolverine.

Naturally fans are overwhelmed with excitement but the good news isn’t over just yet – as Wolverine may just appear in Avengers: Secret Wars.

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Is Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine going to be in Avengers: Secret Wars?

Plot details for Deadpool 3 are yet to be revealed but known industry leaker DanielRPK is already stoking the fire for Wolverine’s MCU future. According to the leaker, Jackman’s incarnation of the character is rumored to suit up alongside the Avengers.

Ritchman said on social media that “Jackman in Secret Wars is a sure thing at this point I’ll say.”

With John Krasinski also teasing his involvement as Reed Richards in the project, anything is on the table for the mighty Phase Six team-up event movie.

If you’re unsure what Secret Wars will entail, it will depend on which version the filmmakers decide to adapt. Essentially, our heroes may stumble upon a realm known as the Battleworld which contains different sectors, full of multiversal variants of iconic characters.

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an image of wolverine in secret wardMarvel Comics
Will Jackman don the iconic comic suit?

This version of the story was prominent in the 2015 iteration, so it would a logical next step to transpose the more recent version to the big screen. Wolverine appears in the 1984 depiction of Secret Wars and can be seen battling the likes of Spider-Man!

With the continuous teasing of mutants in the MCU, it’s only a matter of time before the X-Men arrive.

At this time, it’s unconfirmed whether we’ll see Jackman’s Wolverine in Secret Wars, but we’ll update this space upon any announcement.

Fantastic Four is due for release on November 8, 2024, around two months after Deadpool 3. For more on the movie, click here, while you can find out more about Deadpool 3 here.

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