The Devil’s Plan Season 2 confirmed by Netflix

Gabriela Silva
Host of The Devil's Plan Season 2 teaser

It’s no surprise that Netflix developed another Korean competition reality series gem with The Devil’s Plan, which has now been confirmed for a Season 2.

The Devil’s Plan enthralled global audiences as 12 contestants from various professions came together to outwit the Devil’s mind games. Among the contestants of the first season were well-known actors, poker players, Go players, celebrity hosts, lawyers, and even a gamer.

How did it work? The 12 contestants lived together for a week and took part in Main Matches, Prize Matches, and elimination challenges. With the help of alliances, they tried to survive each mind game while collecting gold pieces.

Netflix’s The Devil’s Game was a nerve-wracking display of wit, friendship, and betrayal. It aired in late September and ended its run in October having crowned its first season winner. Its grand success has led to a second-season installment.

The Devil’s Plan Season 2 is in the works at Netflix

The Korean competition series will return for a second season on Netflix and promises even better games and a great cast of contestants.

According to Netflix, The Devil’s Plan Season 2 was a no-brainer with it reaching Netflix’s Top 10 list in Korea. It also ranked in the top 10 non-English series in 23 countries. Fans were hooked on every second of the nail-biting challenges. The series was developed to have the contestants use strategy and skill to move ahead. All the while, form alliances that would either prove to be beneficial or a backstabbing betrayal.

“This setup also serves as a ‘social experiment’ in line with the devilish theme of the series title, resulting in the players exhibiting completely different behaviors which add to the entertainment in unexpected ways,” said Netflix.

Details of what’s in store for Season 2 have not been revealed. Fans will have to wait and see what new games are in store. Producer Jeong Jong-yeon promises, “Please look forward to a completely new version of The Devil’s Plan!”

With The Devil’s Plan Season 2 in the works, fans can also look forward to Squid Game: The Challenge, Physical: 100 Season 2, Single’s Inferno Season 3, and more.

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