The Devil’s Plan rules explained

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Lawyer and astrologer Seo Dong-joo and ORBIT in The Devil's PlanNetflix

The Devil’s Plan, Netflix‘s newest South Korean competition series, features 12 contestants engaged in mental challenges, all while adhering to a set of guidelines and rules, with the ultimate goal of winning a grand prize.

With the success of Physical: 100 and Single’s Inferno, The Devil’s Plan promises games for the mind as a group of well-known Korean celebrities, GO Players, and academics will try to untangle the masked host’s web of tricks.

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Like most, the competitor series will follow a clear guideline of challenges. It will either eliminate contestants or send them off to the next round. Along the way, tensions will run high as the contestants can either be on each other’s sides or plan sabotage for a greater advantage. “The madness of people cannot be calculated,” said a player.

With The Devil’s Plan premiering on September 26 and airing on a weekly basis, here’s a breakdown of its pretty straightforward rules.

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The Devil’s Plan contestants will fight to keep their pieces

One of the rules of The Devil’s Plan is that each contestant has to collect unique golden “pieces” in order to stay in the game.

In the official YouTube video, the masked host explains each contestant gets one piece to start. It will serve as currency to buy advantages throughout the games. Better yet, they can be used as bribes against other competitors to gain an edge.

The following rules are simple to follow. By the end of The Devil’s Plan, the two contestants with the most pieces will advance to the finale. The final contestant with the most pieces will be crowned the winner. But there’s an obvious catch for eliminations. At any point during a match or throughout the competition, if someone is without a piece, they are automatically eliminated.

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The contestants have to strategize wisely. If they use their pieces to buy an advantage or for bribes and have few left in time to play the game and lose, they could be eliminated.

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Two players can be sidelined after the main match in The Devil’s Plan

The rules can sound more complicated for The Devil’s Plan when learning contestants run the risk of not participating in the main match and gaining pieces to help them advance.

There’s always a twist to games. For The Devil’s Plan, the rules state the contestants will take part in two matches a day for a week. The main match will include all contestants, but whichever two have the least pieces by the end will be “imprisoned.”

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If there are more than two players with few pieces, the person with the most pieces will get to decide which two players will be behind bars. To add more flare to the drama, the two losing contestants will literally spend the entire night in prison. The point of the main match is to weed out possible weak links and gain or lose pieces.

For the prize match, all the players must work together to get through the same challenge. Here’s where the grand prize comes into play. The Devil’s Plan starts out with a zero-winning balance. The results of the prize match will have the number rise. After six matches, the winner could win up to 500,000,000 won ( roughly $375,312.62).

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“Within these walls, only results matter. With the exception of violence or theft, any course of action can be taken to win,” explained the host. He taunts the contestants by saying their win may be stained with “deceit and betrayal.” But they will be applauded and given the grand prize.

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