The Boys star “couldn’t believe” who voices Ambrosius the octopus

Cameron Frew
The Deep and Ambrosius the octopus in The Boys

The Deep’s relationship with Ambrosius the octopus takes a turn in The Boys Season 4 Episode 7 – however, off-screen, Chace Crawford had no idea who was voicing her.

Ambrosius was introduced in Season 3; more specifically, its infamous Herogasm episode.

While Mother’s Milk got splattered with… you know, and Homelander fought Soldier Boy, The Deep stumbled into an aquarium and locked eyes with the mollusk. Sexual proclivities ensued.

In The Boys Season 4, The Deep has kept her in a small tank in his closet most of the time, fearing he’ll be caught in the act and outed as a tentacle-tickler. They mostly chat, before he makes a hasty exit when she asks to move to a larger space.

Her voice probably sounds familiar to you – and it should, because Ambrosius the octopus is voiced by Tilda Swinton.

The Deep and Ambrosius the octopus in The Boys

During an appearance on Happy Sad Confused, Crawford admitted he wasn’t aware he was acting opposite Swinton. “I can’t believe she did it, I thought she was high or something when they told us,” he said.

“Kripke texted me… and I was like, ‘He’s f**king with me, there’s no way.’ But he did say he wanted to get the most British, Oscar-winning actress.”

Crawford explained that someone else would read the lines as he was performing the scene, and he wasn’t aware until after that Swinton provided the voice for the role.

This echoes what Kripke told Variety. “For Tilda, we didn’t know her — it was just that once we realized that Ambrosius was going to be a character this year, we in the writers’ room all said, ‘We need the classiest, Oscar-winningest, British actress we can get our hands on,'” he said.

“And that’s a really short list. And Dame Judi Dench was unavailable. [To her] everlasting credit… she didn’t know any of us, but she was like, ‘That sounds hilarious, I’m in,’ and she did it.”

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