The Bear Season 3’s new teaser has fans completely stressed

Jessica Cullen
Jeremy Allen White as Carmy in The Bear

Just weeks away from the release date of Season 3, the new teaser trailer for The Bear has fans already pulling their hair out from stress.

With the rise of kitchen-based TV dramas came a heavy price. The kitchen is no safe or comforting environment, even in the nicest or funniest TV shows. So while fans were able to sweat over brooding and oddly attractive men in chef’s whites, they were also sweating about the high-stakes stories, too.

The Bear is truly the peak example of this, with The Bear Season 3 due to continue that trend. The newest teaser dropped on June 11, giving everyone more reason to anticipate the upcoming episodes on Hulu.

In it, we get a real glimpse into the troubled future of Carmy and co.’s eponymous restaurant, and it’s not looking good. Carmy is clearly losing it, setting a list of unreasonable rules (including a new menu every day) and driving his crew to the brink of insanity.

It’s enough to have fans already on the edge of their seats, and the season’s not even out yet. As one X/Twitter user wrote: “I’m stressed and throwing up and SAT.”

“Change menu everyday??????? Okay now I foresee lots of shouting,” added another. A third then said: “I’m gonna need Carmy to seek professional help.”

“I’m scared for Natalie,” another pointed out. “A pregnant woman should not be in this environment.”

Yes, things will get intense, but some are more than ready for it. As one comment said: “So ready for the stress this season brings.”

Carmy’s new approach is just one of the things The Bear cast will need to worry about. We’ve also got the potential death of Marcus’ mother, and Carmy’s debut to Jimmy to deal with.

All this and more is sure to unfold when The Bear Season 3 arrives on June 27. For more, check out all the other new TV shows arriving this month. Or, see our guides on House of the Dragon Season 2 and The Boys Season 4.