Succession fans warned ahead of “shocking” Episode 8

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Prepare yourselves, Succession fans: Episode 8, which will hit screens this weekend, is set to be one of the most “shocking” episodes in Season 4.

The fourth season is closing the curtain on Jesse Armstrong’s acclaimed HBO drama. As the show approaches its endgame, the plates keep shifting; nobody is on steady footing, and the battle for control of Waystar Royco may be the least of their worries.

Each episode has delivered major plot and character development, whether it’s Logan facing off with his children in a karaoke bar, Kendall’s underlined/crossed-out name on the secret piece of paper, or Matsson’s unprecedented GoJo offer.

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Coming after last week’s Tailgate Party, which played host to an all-timer of a showdown between Shiv and Tom, Episode 8 could be the most explosive chapter yet.

Succession Season 4 Episode 8 is “shocking”

In March this year, Jesse Armstrong was asked by The Hollywood Reporter if there’s any episode in Season 4 that’s particularly shocking, excluding the finale. “Maybe Episode 8,” he said.

That’s big talk, considering the show suffered its greatest, most cataclysmic loss earlier in the season when Logan Roy kicked the bucket in Episode 3.

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Fans have remembered Armstrong’s comment ahead of the episode’s arrival on HBO, and they’re dreading it. “Jesse Armstrong said the most shocking episode of the season is Episode 8, terrified of next week,” one wrote.

“Hold awn a minute Episode 8 of Succession airs this Sunday and it’s the most shocking one according to Jesse Armstrong, what is he cooking,” another tweeted.

“Jesse Armstrong said that Episode 8 of Succession is the most shocking, which is next week’s episode. Terrified is an understatement,” a third wrote.

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The official synopsis for the next episode reads: “On election night, Tom tries to manage an increasingly chaotic newsroom, while Kendall, Shiv, and Roman spar over the consequences of the result – for themselves, the company, and the country.”

So, what will happen? Well, we can expect to see more of Roman’s strange dynamic with Jeryd Mencken, the Republican fascist candidate for the presidency. We may also meet Daniel Jiménez, the Democratic candidate only seen via glimpses on TV screens and mentioned in passing by the likes of Nate Sofrelli.

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Succession Season 4 Episodes 1-7 are streaming on HBO and Sky now. Episode 8 will be available to watch on May 14 in the US and May 15 in the UK. Check out our other coverage below:

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