Succession: “Blood bricks” are why Alexander Skarsgård returned for Season 4

Chris Tilly
Alexander Skarsgård as Lukas Matsson in Succession.

Alexander Skarsgård has been discussing the increasing importance of his character Lukas Matsson in Season 4 of Succession, and why the phrase “blood bricks” had him salivating.

We’re nearing the conclusion of Succession, when we’ll find out who – if any – of the Roy children will take charge of the family business following the death of monstrous patriarch Logan.

But as the series has progressed, there’s been another contender for the crown – namely Swedish tech billionaire Lukas Matsson. Who has his eyes on the prize. And is willing to cross and double-cross the Roys to get it.

As played by Alexander Skarsgård, Matsson had a two-episode arc in Season 3, but that quickly expanded, and now he’s a major player in the fourth and final season. And Skarsgård has been talking about the appeal of playing such a complex character.

“Blood bricks” are why Alexander Skarsgård returned for Succession Season 4

“Going into it, I was thrilled to play just for a few days,” Skarsgård tells The Hollywood Reporter of his joining the show. “But then, we wrapped Season 3, and based on how it ended, clearly there was a way for Matsson to return, but we hadn’t discussed it creatively.

“I was only supposed to do those two episodes, and it ended up being three. I didn’t know until the beginning of last year when [showrunner] Jesse [Armstrong] called and asked me back, and explained to me a bit about the storyline, and how Matsson was coming into it and the role he would play in the structure of it all. He also mentioned the blood bricks. That got me salivating.”

“Blood bricks” is in reference to Matsson’s own frozen blood that he’s sending to employee Ebba (Eili Harboe) as a form of harrassment.

“It really was one of the greatest and most creatively fulfilling jobs I’ve had, from people behind the camera and on,” Armstrong explains. “So of course I wanted to come on, but it did not make me any less excited when Jesse said, ‘There might be an ex-girlfriend he keeps sending frozen bricks of his blood to.’ I said, Ooh, that’s delicious.'”

Skarsgård: Matsson is “100% using” Shiv

The most recent episode of Succession – reviewed here – sees Matsson working with Shiv Roy behind her brothers’ back. But Skarsgård sees it as the opposite of an alliance at this point in time.

“He’s 100% using her,” says Skarsgård of their relationship. “It’s a wedge in between the siblings. He sees an opening. He’s a predator. He sees that he needs to get at least one of them on board.

“Roman is out, but he smells blood in the water, this friction between the siblings. He smells the opening. He does move fast and break things, but he can read people. He sees that in Shiv, and he goes after that. It’s worked. She’s let him in.

“Where we’re at now, he’s still feeling the waters and testing her out. Is she also a charlatan? Is she just like her siblings, a little Nepo Baby, or does she have what it takes? That’s what he’s trying to figure out.”

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