Star Wars fans slam The Acolyte for killing off character in Episode 1

Jasmine Valentine

All eyes are on The Acolyte as the show takes Star Wars in a brand-new direction, but an Episode 1 killing hasn’t gone down well with fans.

Star Wars fans who have been patiently waiting for The Acolyte to hit screens need wait no more, with Episodes 1 and 2 now available to stream on Disney Plus.

However, the first installment comes with a major shock, after the show has killed off an important character just minutes into Episode 1. Warning — if you haven’t seen it yet, read no further!

Before the opening credits roll, Jedi Master Indara — who is played by Carrie-Anne Moss — is killed off after Mae stabs her with a knife in a cantina on Ueda. This means her screen time is less than five minutes, and fans aren’t having it.

“Why y’all make Carrie-Anne Moss get out of bed if you’re just gonna waste her like that,” one fan posted on X/Twitter after watching The Acolyte. A second agreed “Wait so that’s it for Carrie Anne Moss???? What is going on???”

“You don’t bring Carrie-Anne Moss into the Star Wars universe only to kill off her character in less than 10 minutes. That’s actually crazy– one of the biggest Star Wars screw ups ever,” a third complained.

Some fans even predicted the outcome before the episodes aired, with one writing “About to check out The Acolyte and see what it’s giving. But, I swear, if they put Carrie-Anne Moss in this only to immediately kill her off, I’m gonna find Dave F*loni and drop-kick the f*ck out of him (Irdgaf if he didn’t create this show. It’ll still be his fault.)”

However, it’s not completely the end of Indara’s story. Thanks to The Acolyte trailer, we know that she will return in flashback scenes, exploring a younger version of her and other members of the Jedi Order, likely linked to Osha and Mae’s childhood on Brendok.

In the meantime, Star Wars fans can relive the epic “Force-fu” action sequence between Indara and Mae in the opening moments. “Carrie-Anne Moss and Amandla Stenberg did not miss a beat, I was immediately hooked with this opening,” one fan added.

The Acolyte is streaming weekly on Disney Plus. Find out about more upcoming Star Wars movies and TV shows, the best Star Wars quotes, and more TV shows streaming this month.

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