The Acolyte Episode 4 contradicted Star Wars lore with one small detail

Jasmine Valentine
Vernestra Rwoh in The Acolyte

The Acolyte has been keeping Star Wars fans busy by disrupting the franchise, but one key detail in Episode 4 has sent lore-trackers into overdrive.

Like it or loathe it, there’s no denying that The Acolyte is bringing something completely different to the Star Wars timeline.

It’s a series that’s drawn a lot of criticism for its diversity — which some stars are now clapping back at — but after Episode 4, there are also questions about how well the lore of the Jedi Order translates.

After discussing how best to capture Mae, Vernestra Rwoh bids Sol goodbye by closing a door… using the Force.

“You don’t need to do that…” one fan posted on Reddit. “Why did she force push the door? Surely Jedi have access to rooms in their own temple.”

While it’s an incredibly cool flex of power, it also calls into question something fans have known about the Force for a long time — it shouldn’t be used unless it absolutely needs to be.

“Remember when Jedi believed the force to be something not to abuse?” a second weighed in, with the third adding “Remember when Mara chewed Anakin out for using the Force casually?”

Another explained “The funny thing is under normal circumstances with competent writers/creators that read Legends books this could be a hint this clown is potentially aligned with the Dark Side.

“Palpatine using the Force for simple things like getting his cloak caught Anakin’s attention and he gave him a lecture on casting off the limits the Jedi put on him.”

However, there’s also very reason that Vernestra’s wanton use of the Force is intentional. As the Episode 3 flashback proved, the idea of how it can be used is being actively challenged, with Mother Ansieya’s witch coven introducing the Force as a “thread” to be manipulated.

While this is up for interpretation, it’s safe to say many Star Wars fans aren’t too thrilled with Vernestra’s decisions.

“I feel like the person just felt like doing it and no one there cares about logic,” one fan posted, with another chiming in “THANK YOU!!!! I thought I was the only person I know of to wonder about Green Adult Jedi Master(ette) actually using the Force to open that door.

“Can’t remember that Jedi use the force to open/close doors when in friendly territory.”

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