Will Queen Maeve be back in The Boys Season 4?

Christopher Baggett
Maeve and Homelander in The Boys

The Boys will be making its return soon, but the fate of Queen Maeve remains up in the air. Fans are wondering if the character will be back for the new season.

While the trailer for The Boys Season 4 highlighted a number of new and returning characters, Maeve was absent. That’s not a huge surprise, considering how Season 3 ended for the character.

Maeve did survive the events of The Boys Season 3, but she did lose an eye to Homelander. She also very nearly lost her life to Soldier Boy.

Going into Season 4, the character is set up to potentially get the happy ending so few on The Boys seem to receive. However, it sounds like she may not be done with the superhero TV show just yet.

Will Maeve return?

It is not currently known if Maeve will return for The Boys Season 4. Maeve actress Dominique McElligot does not appear to be attached to the new season at this time.

That doesn’t mean you can count her out yet, though. The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has spoken on the absence, saying that while it was time for her to move on, they left Maeve alive for a reason — cue The Boys theories on what’s in store for her next, then.

“A lot of the big story is Annie finally stepping up and emerging as the hero she needs to be, and in classic structure, it’s time for her mentor and protector to go and let her stand on her own two feet,” Kripke told TVLine in 2022. “She’s going to definitely take a break… but the series will definitely not end without seeing Maeve again.”

What happened to Maeve at the end of Season 3?

Season 3 saw Maeve fake her death and retire after her powers were taken by Solider Boy.

Maeve’s arc in Season 3 saw her working alongside Butcher, providing him with the V24 that allowed him to go up against Homelander. However, once she was found out by Vought, she was captured and imprisoned.

Queen Maeve is in a "tight spot" in The Boys.
Maeve spent much of Season 3 working against Homelander.

After spending a chunk of the season imprisoned, Maeve was eventually able to escape. She showed up in the finale and helped fight against Soldier Boy and Homelander, seemingly sacrificing herself to save the others from the exploding Soldier Boy.

It’s revealed Maeve survived the explosion but lost her powers in the process. Maeve takes the opportunity to retire with her lover, Elena, with the two going into hiding and starting a new life together. Though Ashley did learn Maeve survived, she deleted the only evidence to protect her.

If Maeve does return, we’ll be there to have all the juicy details for you. Until then, you can check out our rankings of every season of The Boys. You can also learn about new TV shows streaming this year, like The Penguin TV show, or look ahead to Invincible Season 3.

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