One Piece: Will Kozuki Momonosuke learn to read the Poneglyphs?

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In One Piece, Momonoskuke’s introduction doesn’t catch the viewer’s eyes, but he soon turns out to be a rather important character. Apart from Robin, Kozuki Momonosuke may turn out to be another Straw Hat ally who can read the ancient language of the Poneglyphs.

As Kozuki Oden’s son, Momonosuke is heir to the long-standing Kozuki clan of Wano, who has ruled the country for centuries. Despite being a child, the burden on Momo’s shoulders is unlike anyone. Since the Kozuki Clan were responsible for making the Poneglyphs sustain the world’s history, each clan heir is taught the ancient language by their predecessors.

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Oden learns this language from his father, Kozuki Sukiyaki. However, before the time is right for Oden to pass on this knowledge to Momonosuke, the former tragically dies. Sukiyaki is also believed to have met his demise during Orochi’s succession to the throne. As such, there is no one left who can teach the ancient language to Momonsuke and maintain the heritage of the Kozuki Clan.

At least, this is what Oden’s retainers believe, but the reality is far from it. The “Wano Country Saga” reveals one character who might save the Kozuki Clan by passing down the much-needed information to Momonosuke.

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Why is the One Piece ancient language important for the Kozuki Clan?


The Kozuki Clan comes from a long line of master stone smiths and the rulers of Wano. They invented the Poneglyphs, giant stones with carvings in ancient language which contain information related to the Void Century. The Poneglyphs are extremely strong and sturdy, and even after more than 800 years, not a single one has been damaged.

Since the World Government has destroyed all existing proof related to the Void Century, Poneglyphs are the only source for people to find out the true history of the world. After the annihilation of Ohara, Robin became the only person to read this language before the “Zou Arc” revealed the truth behind the Kozuki Clan.

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Is there someone capable of teaching the ancient language to Kozuki Momonosuke?


As it turns out, after the battle with Kaido is over, the One Piece manga reveals that the long-deceased Kozuki Sukiyaki is still alive. He is the man with a Tengou mask who has been taking care of Otama for a long while. Since Sukiyaki is the one who taught Oden the ancient language, he is more than capable of teaching the same to Momonosuke. Feeling ashamed for falling into the enemy’s trap and letting Orochi rise to power, Sukiyaki starts living in isolation while hiding his face.

He is also remorseful for his son’s death. However, after Sukiyaki introduces his real identity and meets Momonosuke, things finally start taking a turn for the better. After Kaido’s and Orochi’s defeat, Momonosuke becomes his adult self with Shinobu’s devil fruit and declares himself to be the Shogun of Wano. However, he knows he is lagging in skills and experience.

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Therefore, in hopes of becoming a worthy ruler of Wano, he will acquire whatever skills are expected, including learning the ancient language. While the series has not specified it yet, Sukiyaki will take it upon himself to revive the Kozuki Clan, make up for his past mistakes, and help Momonosuke in every possible way.

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