One Piece: Shanks did right by defeating Kid Pirates

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Fans have been criticizing Shanks for completely annihilating the Kid Pirates. However, Shanks only does what is expected from a pirate.

One Piece’s chapter 1079 surely deals a hard blow to fans concerning the fate of the Kid Pirates. Ever since his introduction in the Sabaody Archipelago, Eustass Kid has been one of the fan-favourite characters. Fan’s approval of this Worst Generation pirate skyrockets in the “Wano Country Saga” when he joins hands with the “Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance.”

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However, despite being one of the strongest pirates in the New World, Kid is leagues behind the Yonko Shanks. The series only mentions it in conversations, but fans are aware of his dispute with the Red-Hair Pirates, which is why one of the crew members cut off his arm. The two well-known pirate crews clash again in Elbaf, and even though the results are just within fans’ expectations, the fact that a man with a bounty of 3 billion is defeated so effortlessly is unsettling.

However, despite Shanks’ cruel way of dealing with the Kid Pirates, he shouldn’t be criticized as it is what one would expect from a pirate.

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How does Shanks defeat the Kid Pirates?

An image of Shanks using Divine Departure Against Kid PiratesViz Media

One Piece’s chapter 1076 features Shanks partying with the Giants in Elbaf, hinting that the legendary island may be one of his territories. Just as the crew and the giants are having fun, Shanks sends a message to Eustass Kid, threatening him to hand over copies of the three Road Poneglyphs in his possession. In fact, Shanks openly declares war upon the newbie pirates for the sake of the Poneglyphs.

As expected, Eustass Kid accepts the challenge head-on, and the pair faces each other in chapter 1079. Shanks reads the data on Eustass Kid when the latter launches a surprise attack, and uses Observation Haki to perceive the devastating damage Kid’s attack will have on his ship and crew members.

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Therefore, the notorious Yonko doesn’t waste a second before using Roger’s “Divine Departure” technique on Eustass Kid. This attack instantly defeats Kid as well as Killer, who steps in to save his captain.

Witnessing the monstrous powers of their enemy, the remaining Kid Pirates immediately surrender. They also hand over copies of the Road Poneglyphs in exchange for sparing Kid’s life. Finally, two giants step forward to destroy Kid pirates’ ship, completely obliterating a crew with a captain worth 3 billion.

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His use of Divine Departure to deal with Kid is a testament to the latter’s strength. Shanks knows that he needs to put an end to this before giving his opponent a chance to grow stronger in the future and become a real threat.

And just because Shanks is kind to Luffy doesn’t mean he should be like that to everyone. As one of the Four Emperors, he cannot let just any pirate roam freely after directly clashing with him. Not to mention, Shanks wins the fight fair and square. If Kid was stronger, he wouldn’t hesitate to destroy the Red Hair Pirates. Therefore, Shanks doesn’t do anything wrong by defeating his enemies, he does just as any pirate should do.

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Why shouldn’t Shanks be criticized for obliterating Kid Pirates?

Firstly, before the Wano Arc, the Kid Pirates initiate an attack on Red-Hair Pirates. Shanks’ crew only responds to the immediate threat by defeating Eustass Kid and cutting his arm off. This is letting him off easy compared to the brutality of the pirate world.

In Elbaf, Shanks only engages in battle after verifying that Eustass is completely healed from his previous battle. This shows that he is a man of honour and wouldn’t battle an injured person. Shanks also tells his crew not to underestimate the young pirate.

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Furthermore, it is Kid who launches the first attack unannounced. Shanks only responds with a powerful attack after seeing the horrible future that awaits his crew if Kid has been successful.

Ultimately, Shanks did what had to be done, and shouldn’t be shamed for acting exactly how a powerful pirate should.

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