One Piece: How strong is Buggy’s devil fruit?

An image of Buggy after time skip in One PieceCrunchyroll

Buggy is one of the very few characters introduced in the initial chapters of One Piece, and he even has the power of a Chop-Chop devil fruit. Here’s a look at how strong Buggy’s devil fruit is.

One Piece, a timeless shonen classic, features many characters, each with their own special skills and traits. The main sources of power in the world are Haki or devil fruit. While Haki is achieved by vigorous training, the power of a devil fruit can be easily acquired by simply consuming it.

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Buggy’s controversial rise to the seat of a Yonko raises questions about his true powers and his devil fruit. Ever since his introduction, he has been a comedic character who usually adds the much-needed light-hearted mood to the story. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine someone like him in the seat of one of the world’s greatest powers.

Although the series justifies the misunderstanding that resulted in Buggy being an Emperor of the Sea, the rest of the world still ponders his true powers. Not to mention, the series never explains his powers in detail. Delve deeper to find out if Buggy’s devil fruit is strong or not.

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What is Buggy’s devil fruit?

A glimpse of Buggy's devil fruit powers as he evades Mihawk's attack in One PieceCrunchyroll

Chop-Chop fruit, also known as Bara Bara no Mi in Japanese. It is a Paramecia-type devil fruit that makes the user a “splitting human.” The fruit grants the power to split their body into pieces and control those pieces however they see them.

The only exception is that he cannot disassemble his feet. Not only that, but the users are immune to slashing attacks. Even splitting them in two wouldn’t cause any damage. Buggy can even evade attacks from powerful opponents such as Donquixote Doflamingo, who rely on his slicing threads to fight his opponents. Even Mihawk’s legendary Black Sword is unable to put a scratch on him.

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Furthermore, he can feel any pain that is inflicted on his detached pieces. Since Oda reveals the Gum-Gum fruit as a Mythical Zoan, this technically makes Chop-Chop fruit the first real Paramecia-type devil fruit introduced in the series.

Does Chop-Chop fruit make Buggy a strong pirate? 

An image of Buggy from One PieceCrunchyroll

Buggy’s devil fruit allows him to use a variety of comical techniques such as Split Split Cannon Dismember, Split Split Emergency Escape, Split Split Car, and so on. However, none of these techniques is useful in battle. They only ever appear to add a comedic touch to the scene. The only reason Buggy gives Luffy a hard time, in the beginning, is that the protagonist has yet to gain some outside experience. 

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However, even then, Luffy doesn’t take Buggy seriously. As for Buggy becoming a Warlord, it happens when he reveals being a member of Roger’s crew as a child. This grants him much-needed prestige, and he manipulates strong fighters to join his crew. 

Then he later becomes a Yonko due to sheer luck. While escaping from the Marines and the World Government after abolishing the Seven Warlord System, Buggy comes across Crocodile and Mihawk and has no choice but to get into a partnership to survive. 

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The picture of Buggy standing between those two powerful figures gives Marines the wrong impression of Buggy as the alliance’s leader. However, in reality, they are holding Buggy hostage against his will. Therefore, Buggy’s devil fruit doesn’t grant him enough power for him to be considered a powerful fighter. 

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