Netflix users threaten to “terminate memberships” if hit series isn’t renewed for Season 2

Jasmine Valentine
Sabina in Supacell in Netflix

It’s only been out for a week, but Netflix series Supacell has fans hooked – so much so that they’re threatening to quit the platform altogether if there are no more new episodes.

Netflix has already produced some of the best TV shows of the year, and according to fans, the streaming service has done it again with supernatural series Supacell.

Set in South London, the series follows a group of people who suddenly develop superpowers, with the only apparent connection between them being that they’re all Black.

Supacell has earned an enviable perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes after its initial six episodes, yet news on whether it will be renewed for Season 2 has yet to be confirmed. If it gets nixed, fans have already made it clear that Netflix will pay the consequences.

“If Netflix don’t renew Supacell I will be terminating my membership,” one fan posted on X/Twitter, with a second agreeing, “Netflix, don’t f**k this like you always do. Your subscription is hanging on by a thread. Approve Seasons 2 & 3 of Supacell. You already cancel amazing shows in favor of reality shows and I hate that.”

“I’m not easily impressed with TV shows but Supacell is a really great show,” a third fan weighed in. “An entirely Black cast of reluctant superheroes connected by something that predominantly affects Black people and the characters are so well developed. Give us Season 2 @Netflix!”

A fourth tweeted, “Go watch this show. Best thing I’ve seen on Netflix in a long time.”

While Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet, there’s good reason to believe that it could be on the cards. Speaking to Radio Times, series creator Rapman explained, “For the beginning of the show, I always tell everyone that Season 1 of Supacell to me is like Batman Begins. It’s just beginning.

“You’ve got to see where it goes next to see who these people really are.”

In Rapman’s ideal world, there will be three seasons of the superhero TV show – just as some fans have predicted.

“I suppose we have to see how Season 1 performs, but I know I’ve very much made clear that I want to do three seasons minimum,” he added.

“I’ve got a three-season story in my head,” he said. “[I’m] not saying it can’t go over. But right now I know where it goes to. I know where… what the story is from up to season 3.”

It’s not just fans who are raving over the new TV show, with critics clearly being on the same page.

The Guardian said of Supacell: “Rapman’s sprawling sci-fi drama is strikingly performed, bracingly plotted and its characters are up there with prestige TV’s finest. It’s ingenious.”

Variety added, “Rapman’s exploration of what it means for Black people specifically to gain powers makes the show unique.”

Supacell is streaming on Netflix now. You can find more to watch with our list of the best binge-worthy TV shows, as well as our rundown of movies coming to streaming this month.