From fans slam creators for making them “hate watch” the show

Jasmine Valentine
Boyd Stevens in From Season 2

The third season of From is one of the most anticipated in recent years, but fans are now slamming the creators for making them “hate watch” past episodes.

Almost immediately renewed for its third season after its second aired, fans of the hit sci-fi series From have been kept waiting for new episodes, deciding to recommend the show to newbies in the meantime.

However, one side effect of the now-viral Reddit recommendation has been fans revealing that they “hate watch” the show, slamming creators for their handling of Season 2.

“I honestly hate watch it now,” one fan admitted. “Last season was such a waste of time, they shoved 4 episodes of plot into the finale (after a whole season of like 3 plot points slowly shared with the rest of the characters) then said F*CK YOU HOPEFULLY WE GET PICKED UP FOR ANOTHER SEASON.”

With Season 1 first airing on Epix, Season 2 moved over to MGM+, with fans slamming the direction that From is beginning to take.

A second agreed, “I watched the first season and read the recaps of the second and I’m pretty sure my decision to to stop watching was the correct one. If you want to see basically nothing happen over 20 episodes and zero questions answered, then this is the show for you!”

“Season 1 is like a season of Lost with no filler. Season 2 is just all that filler stacked together,” a third weighed in.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, both critic and audience scores for From have gone down between Season 1 and Season 2. With Season 3 only just filming, it will be a while before new episodes are released, meaning fans will need to wait for their next reaction.

If you dare, find out how to watch From to catch-up with past seasons, and find more amazing TV shows to stream this month.

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