Where is Love Is In The Air filmed? All filming locations

Jasmine Valentine

An unbelievable setting where love falls into your lap always sounds like heaven – and thanks to the locations in Love Is In The Air, Netflix users get to see exactly that.

Starring Delta Goodrem and Joshua Sasse as the leading couple, the film’s synopsis reads: “A seaplane pilot flying in the tropics finds herself falling for the man sent to sink her business.”

With both British and Australian actors in the mix, it makes sense that the filming locations for Love Is In The Air might seem a little more unpredictable.

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But where should viewers jet off to in order to try and find a holiday romance? Here’s everything we know about Netflix‘s Love Is In The Air filming locations.

Where is Love Is In The Air filmed? Filming locations explained

Unsurprisingly, most of Love Is In The Air is filmed in Australia or London.

With the story taking place around Dana’s (Goodrem) family seaplane business, the coasts of Australia are our main focus, while the streets of London tell us more about William’s (Sasse) past.

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Below is a full breakdown of each of the areas used to film Love Is In The Air.

Queensland, Australia

Delta Goodrem and Joshua Sasse in the Love Is In The Air castNetflix

Queensland is at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, so it makes sense for seaplanes to be regularly flying over the coastal beauty.

Both on land and on sea, Queensland makes up the bulk of Love Is In The Air’s filming locations, with the local town home to around 5.5 million people. The area is known for its stunning coastlines and dense areas of countryside, giving viewers an amazing cross-section of Australian life as Dana and William grow closer.

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Brisbane, Australia

For any interior shots, the closest film studios to the other Love Is In The Air filming locations would be located in Brisbane.

This also could be the case for any scenes that have supposedly been set in London.

Whitsunday Airport Shute Harbour, Airlie Beach

Love Is In The Air. (L to R) Joshua Sasse, Delta Goodrem in Love Is In The Air. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

For scenes with a particular feel of bright blue seas and white sand beaches, Queensland’s Whitsundays will be the place responsible.

Alongside being a huge hit with tourists, airport scenes for Dana’s plane also take place here thanks to the local Airport Shute Harbour.

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Speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the film’s producer Steve Jaggi said “I was surprised how few Australians had been to the Whitsundays, because for me, this is one of the best places on earth.”

London, England

For those shots that look a little too authentic to be shot in a Brisbane studio, the city of London plays home to unexpected heartthrob William.

Love Is In The Air follows him from the UK on his journey to Australia, as well as highlighting who actually owns his company – William’s father, Duncan.

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