Anyone But You filming locations: Where was the Sydney Sweeney movie filmed?

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Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in Anyone But You

Here’s a rundown of the Anyone But You filming locations, with details on all the major spots in Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s hit rom-com and where it was filmed.

Rom-coms may be on the comeback as Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s 2023 movie Anyone But You has taken the world by storm again after coming to Netflix.

Anyone But You is loosely based on Much Ado About Nothing and tells the story of Ben and Bea, two strangers who tried to date before their flame burned out due to misunderstandings. Though they want nothing to do with one another, fate brings them together for a fake dating scheme while they attend Bea’s sister’s wedding.

Anyone But You has everything rom-com fans have been looking for: a beautiful cast, a literary-inspired plot, and gorgeous filming locations. There are a ton of beautiful places you can see while watching it, so let’s break down some of the most significant spots.

What were the Anyone But You filming locations?

Anyone But You was filmed in Australia, in Sydney and New South Wales.

Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You at the cafe

Though the movie begins in Boston, the scenes where Ben and Bea meet and start falling in love were actually filmed in New South Wales.

One of the most notable filming locations in the US portion of the film is the coffee shop where they pair meet. Bea asks for a bathroom key, but it’s only given to paying customers, so Ben helps her out. While it may look like a Boston coffee shop, this scene was filmed in Tobey’s Estate Flagship Cafe in Barangaroo, New South Wales.

Director Will Gluck told The Hollywood Reporter that the crew was able to film in South Wales because they were “shooting Sydney for Sydney [Sweeney].”

Since the majority of the film took place in Australia, it makes sense that the crew wouldn’t come back to the US to film such a small part of the movie.

Anyone But You filming locations in Australia

Sydney Cricket Ground

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in Anyone But You

When Ben and Bea arrive in Australia, viewers are made to believe they’re walking through Sydney Airport, but it was actually filmed in Sydney Cricket Ground, a sports stadium located in Moore Park.

The stadium hosts cricket, football, and rugby games, and the entire scene was filmed in its massive lobby.

Gluck also used the stadium for the movie’s sing-along end credits and revealed they only got permission to film inside the building because they were already there filming the airport scene.

“When we were shooting there, behind us was the most famous stadium in all of Australia. And I said, ‘Why aren’t we filming there?’ So we asked them for their permission to quickly shoot there, and they said yes,” Gluck explained to THR, “We subsequently found out from our Australian friends how rare it is for anybody to shoot there. If we had asked [ahead of time] to shoot on the Sydney Cricket Ground, they probably would’ve said no, but because we were there, they said yes. So that was not a deleted scene. It was added at the end of the day.”

Terrey Hills

When it comes to the beach house Bea, Ben, and the rest of the characters stay in for the wedding, the interior shots were filmed in a house located in Terrey Hills, a suburb about 15 miles north of Sydney.

The beach house in Anyone But You

While the house looks like it’s located right on a beach, Gluck revealed the location is one hour inland, as “Australians aren’t ostentatious, so they don’t have gigantic beach houses. They also understand that building houses right on the beach is not ideal.”

Palm Beach

Thanks to a bit of movie magic, the outside beach scenes were filmed at Palm Beach, a coastal Sydney suburb located around 26 minutes from Terrey Hills.

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You

Anytime you see someone on a beach, including the infamous “almost kiss on a boat” scene, it was all filmed in Palm Beach over 10 days.

The director couldn’t gush enough about this particular location, telling THR, “It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world, and you normally wouldn’t be allowed to sleep there. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had filming.”

Marks Park

The inciting incident for the movie — Claudia and Halle’s wedding — was filmed at Marks Park, Tamarama.

The wedding scene in Anyone But You

It’s a cliffside park with panoramic views of the Bondi Ocean (to the north) and the Coogee Ocean (to the south).

Claudia and Halle’s wedding spot was one of the few locations not filmed inside a beach house. Gluck chose this specific place as it speaks to his love for the country, as “every small neighborhood has the water right next to it.”

Sydney Harbor

The turning point of the movie was filmed in the Sydney Harbor, which acts as a catalyst for Ben and Bea’s cementing their love story.

The Sydney Harbour scene in Anyone But You

After Bea accidentally falls into the ocean after the pair try to reenact the iconic scene from Titanic, Ben jumps in after her and the two have a real heart-to-heart conversation on a buoy while waiting to be rescued.

The movie’s director revealed the cast and crew spent a week on a boat filming the scene, which turned out to be a dangerous feat as “you can’t have humans in the water without a shark cage, so we had to have one the whole time.”

Sydney Opera House

One of the most prominent landmarks of the film was shot at the Sydney Opera House, as it doubled as a location marker and a haven for part of the movie’s ending.

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You

When Bea thinks Ben is going back to his ex-girlfriend, Margaret, she flees to the famous Opera house with her love interest in tow who uses the Pacific Ocean and another rescue helicopter to declare his love for her.

Gluck remarked that many movies may use framed shots of the Opera House, but he went into filming Anyone But You thinking, “Why do that?” because the writing team “actually wrote this movie 100 percent for Sydney — very specific to the destination.”

Where is the helicopter scene in Anyone But You shot?

The helicopter scene in Anyone But You was shot above the waters in the Sydney Harbor.

As mentioned above, the waters were filled with sharks so the cast and crew had to have a shark cage on hand while filming.

The scene also hit a dangerous snag while they filmed, as Powell told Rolling Stone, “The helicopter had serious mechanical issues, and we had to emergency land in a field nearby. If we crashed, we would’ve been history. There would’ve been nothing left of us. I didn’t survive Top Gun: Maverick only to die in a rom-com.”

Helicopter issues weren’t the only life-threatening scare: Sweeney also revealed a huntsman spider bit her hand and she had to receive medication for the wound.

Anyone But You is currently available on Netflix. Once you check out the movie, you can come back for the Anyone But You post-credits scene — and for a change of tone, you should check out if Sweeney’s latest horror film Immaculate is based on true story or see what new movies are coming soon.

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