Longlegs is worrying horror fans and it’s not because it’s too scary

Kayla Harrington
Nicolas Cage in Longlegs

Longlegs, 2024’s latest scary horror movie, has fans expressing some worry, but it doesn’t seem to stem from its content.

Horror fans are patiently waiting on the edge of their seats for Longlegs, a twisty movie centered around the hunt for a Satanic serial killer.

Starring Nicolas Cage in his most evil role yet, the movie has been haunting people thanks to its billboard ad featuring a phone number that will let you listen to a horrifying message.

The movie’s eccentric marketing seemed to work to its advantage as Longlegs debuted with a score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite the film gaining positive praise, some fans can’t help but worry about one thing: what if the movie is being overhyped?

A fan summed up this fear with the X post, “This movie is either gonna be a masterpiece or really bad there’s no in between.”

One horror lover echoed the sentiment writing, “The way this movie is being hyped up and the marketing, if I don’t have a nightmare watching this I want a refund!”

A third fan went so far as to ask others not to oversell the film so those who are not fond of scary projects would actually want to see it.

“Can we please for once be normal about a movie so it doesn’t devastatingly let everyone down who actually watches horror movies?”

While 2024 has seen a host of horror flicks from Imaginary to Immaculate, no other work in the genre has seen Longleg’s high level of praise.

Ironically, this isn’t Cage’s first scary movie of 2024, as he starred in the post-apocalyptic film Arcadian, which saw him and his fictional sons try to stay alive while battling a horde of mysterious creatures.

However, unlike his upcoming movie, the wilderness horror has only a score of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes with one critic calling it “A Quiet Place knockoff.”

Cage’s Longlegs is set to outpace Arcadian with just scares alone. DiscussingFilms cautioned fans that the movie will “leave audiences so horrified that they become sick to their stomachs.”

Longlegs hits theaters on Friday, July 12. For more, find out how to get early access to Longlegs with our guide. You can also check out all the best horror movies on Amazon Prime and the best horror movies on Disney Plus.