Top 10 best horror movies on Disney Plus

Chris Tilly
Justin Long in Barbarian20th Century Studios

In honor of Halloween, here are the 10 best horror movies that you can stream through Disney+ right now.

It’s almost Halloween, meaning that it’s the perfect time for a horror movie. But with the sheer number of spooky flicks out there, it may be hard to pick just one.

Disney isn’t a studio known for its horror output, preferring to deal in more family-friendly fare. But since the Mouse House acquired 20th Century Fox that has changed, as has the amount of horror movies on its streaming service, Disney+.

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And so we have listed ten of the best horror movies currently available on Disney+. We hope you enjoy! Or not, depending on your horror tolerance level.

10. The Empty Man (2020)

the-empty-man20th Century Studios

Somewhat buried on release, The Empty Man is worth digging up as it scares from lengthy cold open to devastating denouement. The movie involves a former detective investigating the titular legend while dealing with the death of his wife and child, which as you can expect, results in some major connective twists and scares.

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9. The Fly (1986)

jeff-goldblum-in-the-fly20th Century Fox

In this scarier adaptation of the 1958 movie of the same name, Jeff Golblum stars as a scientist who invents a machine to teleport matter, but then accidentally transports himself along with a fly. The film acts both as a horror story as well as a tragic love tale, and the gory effects will be sure to stay for long in your memory.

8. The Night House (2020)

rebecca-hall-in-the-night-houseSearchlight Pictures

The Night House mixes the supernatural and the slasher, all with a great performance in the middle of it. Rebecca Halls delivers as a woman reeling from the death of her husband, who starts having terrifying dreams; visions that drive her to dig into his past, with mind-bending and heart-breaking results.

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7. The Omen (1976)

henry-spencer-stephens-in-the-omen20th Century Fox

Child monsters are hard to get right in movies, but The Omen does it well. The film features an American diplomat raising the spawn of Satan, who manages to be as terrifying as Satan himself. The kills are memorable, as are the multitude of scares.

6. Jennifer’s Body (2009)


Jennifer’s Body was failed by its marketing back in the day, but it has long since become a cult classic. Here, Megan Fox plays the titular character, a cheerleader who transforms into a demon that feeds on men. Focusing on the toxic relationships between female friends, and the deaths of many a teenage male, this horror comedy is as witty as it is wise.

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5. Ready or Not (2019)

samara-weaving-in-ready-or-notFox Searchlight Pictures

Ready or Not takes the game to the violent extreme. While the “Eat the Rich” genre of media was incredible common in 2019, Ready or Not managed to stand out amongst the rest for its humor, its kills, and its surprising ending. The ensemble cast works brilliantly, but Samara Weaving’s bride instantly became a horror icon.

4. Barbarian (2022)

A still from Barbarian20th Century Studios

Don’t watch this movie before you go to an Airbnb, that’s for sure. This is the most recent movie on this list, but it’s already made a major impact upon horror. With memorable characters, a grotesque monster, and some great tensions building twists, Barbarian is the horror flick of this decade on Disney+.

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3. Predator (1987)

predator20th Century Fox

If a relenting killer monster that seemingly can’t be stopped is what scares you, then The Predator is the movie for you. Set in Guatemala, one man’s simple mission takes a turn when the titular creature begins attacking. But the protagonists are just as cool and ruthless, making for a great mix between sci-fi horror and epic action movie.

2. The Sixth Sense (1999)

bruce-willis-and-haley-joel-osment-in-the-sixth-senseBuena Vista

Before M. Night Shyamalan became somewhat of a cinematic punchline, he came up with one of the greatest ghost movies of all time. Bruce Willis is at his best here, while Haley Joel Osment delivers one of the rare great child performances. The twist, while mostly well known today, still makes a incredible impact, so we won’t spoil it here.

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1. Alien (1979)

sigourney-weaver-alien20th Century Fox

“In space, no one can hear you scream.” That’s all you need to hear to understand why this movie is number one on this list. Not only does this movie have one of the most iconic horror villains of all time, it also boasts a great cast, and knows how to build tension spectacularly. Plus, all the Alien movies are currently on Disney+ should you want to do a xenomorph marathon.

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