Lawmen: Bass Reeves cast: All actors & characters

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Horse riding in Lawmen: Bass ReevesParamount+

Saddle up those horses – Paramount+ is heading back to the Wild West thanks to the cast of Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

Initially thought to be a Yellowstone spin-off, Lawmen: Bass Reeves is the latest standalone series from Paramount, racking up a total of 8 episodes.

As per the show’s synopsis, “The show will center around Bass Reeves, a real-life legendary lawman of the Wild West. The cowboy was the first Black U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi and is known for making over 3,000 arrests without ever being injured. Reeves is also believed to be the inspiration behind the Lone Ranger.”

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Based on the true story of the late 1800s, here’s everything you need to know about the actors and characters in the Lawmen: Bass Reeves cast.


Lawmen: Bass Reeves cast: All actors & characters

Below you’ll find a full list of the actors and characters featured in the Lawmen: Bass Reeves cast.

David Oyelowo and Taylor Sheridan serve as executive producers on the series, with Ched Feehan serving as the show’s creator.

“To collaborate with world-class talent like Taylor Sheridan to tell those stories to the widest audience possible, is our dream, and we believe that can and will be realized through the shared ambitions we have with ViacomCBS and its signature branded platforms, alongside our seasoned and brilliant producing partners at 101 Studio,” Oyelowo said to Entertainment Weekly about the series.

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You can watch the full trailer below:

Bass Reeves: David Oyelowo

A still from 1883 Season 2, aka Lawmen: Bass ReevesParamount+

The man, the myth, the legend… Bass Reeves is the star of our story. He is a formerly enslaved black man turned American law enforcement official. He was among the first black deputy U.S. Marshals and the first west of the Mississippi River. 

Alongside serving as an executive producer on Lawmen: Bass Reeves, David Oyelowo has previously starred in A United Kingdom, Selma, and Silo.

Jennie Reeves: Lauren E. Banks

The cast of Lawmen Bass ReevesParamount+

Jennie is Bass’ wife in the Lawmen: Bass Reeves cast.

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As well as being a respected director, Lauren E. Banks has also starred in City on a Hill, Roar, and Gaslit.

Sally Reeves: Demi Singleton

Sally in Lawmen: Bass ReevesParamount+

Sally Reeves is the daughter of Bass and Jennie Reeves.

King Richard and The Deliverance are some of Demi Singleton’s previous acting credits.

Sherrill Lynn: Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid in Lawmen: Bass ReevesParamount+

Sherrill Lynn is a Deputy U.S. Marshal, working alongside Bass Reeves.

Dennis Quaid is best known for roles in The Parent Trap, The Day After Tomorrow, and A Dog’s Purpose alongside his turn in the Lawmen: Bass Reeves cast.

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Billy Crow: Forrest Goodluck

Billy Crow in Lawmen:Bass ReevesParamount+

Billy Crow is a young Cherokee man in the Lawmen: Bass Reeves cast, with an affinity for dime store books and gaudy style.

Forrest Goodluck has previously appeared in The Miseducation of Cameron Post and How To Blow Up A Pipeline.

Esau Pierce: Barry Pepper

Barry Pepper in the Lawmen: Bass Reeves cast.Paramount+

Not only does Esau Pierce fight against Bass’ captor, he’s also the leader of the 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles.

Barry Pepper’s previous work includes Saving Private Ryan and The Green Mile.

Judge Parker: Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland in Lawmen: Bass ReevesParamount+

Judge Parker is an imposing and commanding judge in the Fort Smith Courthouse. He’s referred to as “Hanging Judge” Parker in the Lawmen: Bass Reeves cast.

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The Hunger Games movies and Pride & Prejudice are included in Donald Sutherland’s acting career.

Minco Dodge: Moses Brings Plenty

Mo Brings Plenty appears in Lawmen: Bass Reeves and YellowstoneParamount+

Though the role of Minco Dodge remains unknown, Moses Brings Plenty is the first actor to cross from Yellowstone into the standalone world of Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

Mo Brings Plenty is also known as a horse stunt rider, rancher, and American Indian storyline consultant.

Edwin Jones: Grantham Coleman

Edwin Jones is an extremely persuasive man who has a clear vision and a promise for the future, to those who will listen in the Lawmen: Bass Reeves cast.

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Grantham Coleman has previously appeared in Rusin and Black Bear.

Garrett Montgomery: Garrett Hedlund 

Garrett Montgomery is a hire of Bass’. He’s revered for his riding know-how and expertise in the area.

Tron: Legacy and Four Brothers are some of Garrett Hedlund’s previous acting credits.

Joaquina Kalukango, Justin Hurtt-Dunkley, Bill Dawes, Heather Kafka, Lonnie Chavis, and Shea Whigham also all have supporting roles in the Lawmen: Bass Reeves cast.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves streams on Paramount Plus from November 5. Check out our other coverage below:

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