Josh Hutcherson’s Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 idea breaks canon

Gabriela Silva
Josh Hutcherson in Five Nights at Freddy's at Mike.

With the immense success of the first installment in 2023, fans are eager for Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – but Josh Hutcherson’s storyline ideas deviated from the video games more than its predecessor.

The movie adaptation of the video game became one of the highest-grossing horror movies centered on animatronics inhabited by the souls of dead children who come to life at night. Fans of the original video games enjoyed the movie’s use of game lore, characters, and details.

There were a few tweaks here and there like the inclusion of William Afton’s daughter Vanessa as a main figure, and the disappearance of Mike’s brother as a child. While the games also include dream theory, the movie took it much further.

While Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 hasn’t been greenlighted just yet, Hutcherson has high hopes it will be soon and has a storyline idea. But fans of the video games may not be too pleased.

Josh Hutcherson wants to explore parts of the first movie

The Five Nights at Freddy’s actor revealed he wants the sequel to continue Mike’s venture down the rabbit hole with Dream theory, but it breaks away from the canon of the video games.

In the horror movie, Mike is plagued with guilt over the disappearance of his brother Garrett when they were kids. He’s convinced he has regressed memories that could lead to new details of who took him. The games do include some use of dream theory. But the movie dives into it more heavily every time he goes to sleep. He uses it as a way to venture back into his memories of the day Garrett was taken.

According to Screen Rant, Hutcherson was asked about where the sequel is headed in terms of storyline. “We kind of tap into the world a bit with him playing with the dream world and reality, so I have a feeling that he’s going to dive deeper into that to get some more answers about his brother’s disappearance,” said the actor.

He’s implying that Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 could once again bring Mike. He would deal with his trauma of the past with dream theory. Mike had learned that Afton was the one who kidnapped his brother. With fans believing he was likely murdered by him. But the movie doesn’t make clear what happened to him after the kidnapping. It’s clear that Garrett didn’t become one of the animatronics.

As far as fans know, the games never go so far with dream theory. It also means that it’s breaking canon as the games introduce a new character named Jeremy Fitzgerald. With Hutcherson teasing the possible return of his character, what would the new storyline be about?

It was teased that Afton could possibly live on as an animatronic. Could he go after Mike again? Or will Mike learn something new through dream theory that leads him back to the haunted establishment?

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