Insidious: The Red Door cast & characters

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
Patrick Wilson in Insidious: The Red Door

Insidious 5 is bringing us through The Red Door, but we’re not the only ones going – so, here’s everyone in the cast and the characters they play.

Insidious is one of the biggest horror franchises of modern cinema. The original film explored the Lambert family, with the child Dalton suffering from a supernatural threat that his father (Patrick Wilson) similarly faced in his childhood.

Now the film is on its fifth iteration and will once again focus on the Lambert family, with Patrick Wilson behind the camera as well as in front of it, as this will be his directorial debut. Scott Teems – known for his work on Halloween Kills – has penned the script.

But with the return of the franchise, comes a return for many of its major characters. But there’s also some new faces, so here’s all the characters you need to know in the cast of Insidious: The Red Door.


Insidious: The Red Door cast & characters

The official plot synopsis for Insidious 5, which is set 10 years after the events of the sequel, reads: “To put their demons to rest once and for all, Josh and a college-aged Dalton must go deeper into The Further than ever before, facing their family’s dark past and a host of new and more horrifying terrors that lurk behind the red door.”

Since the film is part of a franchise, you may need to be reminded about some of the characters beforehand. So below is a list of all the major players you’ll need to know, along with their actors.

Josh Lambert – Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert in Insidious The Red Door

Josh Lambert is the patriarch of the family, who’s dealt with his fair share of demons in his lifetime. However, he is unable to remember any of this, and when we first met him, he is a staunch non-believer. But after facing The Further, the Lipstick-Face Demon, and of course being possessed by the Bride in Black, Josh has plenty of new experiences to deal with.

Patrick Wilson has played Josh since the beginning of the Insidious franchise, and Wilson has worked with Wan numerous times. You can also see him in The Conjuring franchise, along with the Aquaman movies.

Renai Lambert – Rose Byrne

rose byrne in insidious

Renai is the understandably distressed mother and wife of the Lambert family, who has had to deal with the possession of both her son and her husband.

Renai is played by Rose Byrne, who can be seen in comedy films such as Spy, Bad Neighbors, and Spy. She’s also in the thriller series Damages.

Dalton Lambert – Ty Simpkins

dalton in insidious

Dalton was the young boy possessed in the first Insidious film, who’s astral form was trapped by the Lipstick-Face Demon in The Further. Thankfully he was able to be saved, and mental blocks her put in place to protect him, though those blocks may now be loosening.

Ty Simpkins played Dalton in the first film, and he’s now reprising the role in this movie. Simpkins can also be spotted in MCU films Iron Man 3 and Endgame, and recent drama film The Whale.

Foster Lambert – Andrew Astor

insidious funeral

Foster is the middle child of the Lambert family, and was 10 years old when the franchise first started. So far, Foster hasn’t had much to do in the Insidious films, but he may gain more focus this time around.

Foster is played by Andrew Astor, who’s last role was in Insidious 2.

Elise Rainier – Lin Shaye

elise rainier in insidious

Elise Rainier is the psychic that helped Dalton in the original Insidious. Despite her death in the first movie, Rainier’s ghostly presence has remained strong throughout the franchise, to the point that she is the focus of the third and fourth movies in the franchise.

Elise is played by Lin Shaye, who has appeared in numerous other horror franchises. Examples include A Nightmare on Elm Street, Amityville, Ouija, Critters, and The Grudge.

The Lipstick-Face Demon – Joseph Bishara

lipstick demon insidious

The Lipstick-Face Demon is the franchise’s big-bad monster, and features in that iconic jump-scare moment that everyone knows. He is also known as the Man With Fire on His Face, the Red-Faced Demon, or Sixtass. He attempted to steal Dalton’s body in the first film, then made cameo appearances in the sequels and prequels. But he’s back in a big way for Insidious 5.

Joseph Bishara plays the demon in all the Insidious movies, as well as in The Conjuring and Annabelle franchises. He’s also the composer on a lot of James Wan’s films.

Insidious: The Red Door is now available to watch in cinemas. Find out more about Insidious 5 here. You can read our other horror coverage here.

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