“Skin-crawling” spider horror movie with 95% Rotten Tomatoes score is streaming now

Cameron Frew
The poster for Infested on Shudder

Arachnophobes, cover your eyes: a new horror movie has just arrived on streaming that’s been praised as one of the scariest films of 2024 — and it’s all about spiders.

A fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias in the world — and why not? They’re creepy crawlies, and you can say, “But they eat other bugs!” until you’re blue in the face… there’s a reason people (me, and millions of others) hate them.

In 1990, it was Arachnophobia (the shower scene!). In 2002, it was Eight Legged Freaks. This year, Shudder has unleashed the source of your next nightmares: Infested.

The horror movie was actually released in 2023. Directed by Sébastien Vaniček, it follows Kaleb (Théo Christine) as he approaches his 30th birthday — but he’s not enjoying life, battling both loneliness and his sister over who gets their inheritance, and he just cut ties with his best friend.

He makes a big mistake: one day, he brings an exotic spider back to his apartment. Soon, the whole building becomes a giant spider nest, and Kaleb and his friends have to find a way out before they’re eaten alive.

After coming to Shudder, it’s received rave reviews online, currently sitting at 95% on Rotten Romatoes.

“Infested (Shudder) is as skin-crawling as spider horror gets, and one of that particular subgenre’s best movies to date. Spiders overrun an apartment building but they might as well be Facehuggers from the Alien franchise. It all works so well because we care about the humans,” Bloody Disgusting’s John Squires tweeted.

“Now that it’s on Shudder, once again out here to say that Infested is a true eight-legged nightmare. Some of the most skin-crawling spider horror to date, right up there with Arachnophobia. Well worth your time,” Matt Konopka posted.

“The kind of film where a viewer feels compelled to shake out their pant leg afterwards to make sure there aren’t any critters hiding in there, which, on an elemental level, makes Infested a success,” IGN’s Katie Rife also wrote.

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