How to watch Fear the Night — is it on Netflix?

Cameron Frew
Maggie Q in Fear the Night

Here’s how to watch Fear the Night, Maggie Q’s action-packed thriller, and if it’s available on Netflix or elsewhere on streaming.

Netflix may be the biggest streaming service, but its biggest competitor arguably isn’t Disney Plus, Prime Video, or any of the other platforms — it’s TikTok (for now, at least).

Every day, the app drives interest in totally random TV shows and movies; earlier this year, horror fans briefly became obsessed with Special Day, while a short film called Backstroke appears on people’s feeds from time to time and amasses millions of views.

So, with clips from the movie racking up likes online, here’s where you can watch Fear the Night on streaming.

Where to watch Fear the Night

Fear the Night is currently available to stream on Paramount Plus and Showtime.

You can also buy or rent it on-demand via Amazon Prime, but it’s not available on Blu-ray or DVD at the time of writing.

Is Fear the Night on Netflix?

No, Fear the Night isn’t on Netflix right now.

You may have been misled by one of the many clips from the film that’s been posted on TikTok, some of which have #netflix in their captions. As far as we can see, it’s never been on Netflix, but we’ll keep this space updated if anything changes.

What is Fear the Night about?

Fear the Night is a home invasion thriller, with eight women forced to team up against their attackers after they arrive at their bachelorette party.

Fortunately, the women have an asset of their own: Tess, a military veteran with a particular set of skills. After they surround her sister’s house and start shooting arrows, she “leads the women in making a stand against the attackers as they fight back in an effort to save themselves over the course of a single dark night,” as per the official synopsis.

Who’s in the Fear the Night cast?

Maggie Q plays Tess, while the Fear the Night cast also includes Kat Foster, Travis Hammer, and Gia Crovatin.

The movie is directed by Neil LaBute, best known for 1997’s In the Company of Men as well as Nicolas Cage’s The Wicker Man remake and Samuel L. Jackson’s Lakeview Terrace.

Is Fear the Night worth watching?

Fear the Night has a 31% Rotten Tomatoes score, as well as a 22% audience rating.

The Guardian called it a “waste of time and streaming pixels”, while Flickering Myth wrote that it “ticks the boxes for a rental if you really are stuck for something new to watch, but when you break down its content into individual parts there is actually very little here that you haven’t seen before, and when it does feel like it is going to step outside of convention and try something daring, it just doesn’t.”

In a more positive write-up, Dread Central described it as a “thrilling, blood-soaked home invasion thriller anchored by fantastic dialogue and a remarkable (and expected) turn from Maggie Q.”

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