Is Backstroke on Netflix? The short film explained

Chris Tilly
A still from Backstroke

Thanks to TikTok, the horror short film Backstroke gained a ton of attention and many are wondering if the movie is streaming on Netflix. You can watch Backstroke right now, here’s where and how.

TikTok has made a four-minute horror movie called Backstroke go viral, mostly because the version found on the platform was posted by a creator who implied it was one of Netflix’s best movies.

But that’s only half the story. This four-minute cut is only 40% of the movie, with the real Backstroke being long a 10-minute short film from 2019.

The TikTok version also has electronic music blasted over the top of the action, and largely inaccurate subtitles playing at the bottom of the screen. So where can you see the full film? And is it among the new movies on Netflix or other streaming services?

Is Backstroke on Netflix?

No, Backstroke is not on Netflix. The full film was posted to the ‘Alter’ account on YouTube in 2019 and can be watched for free there.

The confusion seems to have occurred when the edited version of Backstroke was uploaded to TikTok with that Netflix proclamation on the screen.

Indeed, the comments underneath feature messages like, “Just looked on Netflix it wasn’t there,” and, “This idiot keep saying on Netflix not on Netflix.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

What is Backstroke about?

Backstroke is about two runaway teenagers who steal a car. When they drive down to Florida, things take a dark turn.

When will movie characters learn nothing good ever happens when they take an impromptu trip to Florida? The film was made in 2017, with Robbie Barclay writing and directing. Josefine Christoffersen and Shemar Jonas play the teens in question: Amber and Jake.


They make it to the countryside and have some fun and games with a gun, then Amber tells Jake to close his eyes and count while she runs off to skinny-dip. Things turn twisted when a man — played by Tom Frank — appears at the water’s edge and asks strange questions. Before telling Amber that Jake is dead.

Amber somehow makes it back to her clothes and car, but Jake is nowhere to be seen. And just when it seems like she’ll escape, the film has a sting in its tail. It’s a fun short, and we’d recommend watching the original cut on YouTube, rather than the butchered TikTok version seeing as it’s not on Netflix.

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