Jack Black wants Super Mario Bros. 2 to “be a full musical” from start to finish

Eleni Thomas
Jack Black mario sequel

Bowser voice actor Jack Black wants Super Mario Bros. 2 to be a full-blown musical and for it to be called “Bowser’s Revenge.”

The Super Mario Bros. movie released at the beginning of 2023, the animated feature scoring big at the box office with a sequel now confirmed to be in the works. 

While some fans criticized some of the casting choices, namely Chris Pratt as Mario, those who saw the film also fell in love with others.

Jack Black’s turn as Bowser is one of the highlights for many, the song he sings in the movie going viral across social media for months after the flick debuted in theatres.

In a recent interview with Variety, Black discussed how much he enjoyed writing music for the first Super Mario Bros. Movie and drew the veil back on what the creative process entailed.

“I don’t like to mix my music and movies, unless they told me at the beginning,” Black began.

“I’m real protective of the Tenacious D side of my career. They sent me a 30-second nugget of an idea, and it was hilarious. So I fleshed it out, added some lyrics and melody, and they loved it. And by God, they put it in the film. I couldn’t believe they did.”

The actor then added that he would love to see the sequel become a full-on musical movie in the same way that Joker 2 is going down that path and developing something completely different from the original movie.

“I think it should be a full musical, like what Todd Phillips is supposedly doing with ‘Joker 2.’” The actor then added that he also thinks the movie should be titled “Bowser’s Revenge.”

Time will tell what a Super Mario Bros. movie sequel entails, however, we’ll keep you updated on all the latest news about the film.

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