House of the Dragon recast memorable Season 1 character and nobody noticed

Kayla Harrington
Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon Season 1

One memorable character from House of the Dragon Season 1 was recast for Season 2 and no one seemed to noticed.

House of the Dragon Season 1 introduced the world to a ton of standout characters, from the headstrong Rhaenyra to the charming yet dangerous Daemon.

Even minor players like Criston Cole stole the spotlight (for better or worse, in his case), so many assumed the original cast, both big and small, would return for Season 2.

However, Season 2 Episode 4 revealed one of Season 1’s more memorable minor characters had been recast, as a fan on show’s subreddit pointed out.

Viewers first met Willem Blackwood (Alfie Todd) in Season 1 Episode 4 ‘King of the Narrow Sea.’ He was one of the many suitors who traveled to Storm’s End in order to seek Rhaenyra Targaryen’s hand in marriage even though he was much younger than her.

However, Rhaenyra seemed to favor Jerrel Bracken, an older suitor, over Willem. This stung the young lord on multiple levels, as the Blackwoods and the Brackens have been engaged in a bloody conflict for multiple generations.

The two lords ended up getting into a squabble that ended with Willem stabbing Jerrel in the stomach, killing him. Rhaenyra left as the conflict began and the Blackwood boy was not seen again.

Season 2 Episode 4 saw the return of Willem (now played by Jack Parry-Jones) as he was summoned by Daemon to Harrenhal in order to discuss how House Blackwood could help in the war against the Greens.

Though he was introduced by name, some viewers were confused on who Willem was because he was played by a much younger actor in Season 1.

“Omg I was wondering who he was supposed to be! Thank you for this,” one fan commented under the Reddit post.

Another viewer wrote, “Definitely had no idea that was supposed to be the boy from Season 1. Definitely a looker now.”

And a third fan complimented the choice to put Parry-Jones in the role as “he looks like he could really be a grown version of the younger actor.”

Season 2’s Willem is now a knight and is acting as the regent Lord Blackwood as the true heir, Benjicot Blackwood, is too young for the position.

Because of his history with Rhaenyra and new found power over the Blackwood army, Willem pledged his allegiance to Team Black, but did so in exchange for Daemon and his dragon Caraxes‘ help to deal with House Bracken once and for all.

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