Disney’s notes for Gravity Falls are HILARIOUS

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The creator of hit animated show Gravity Falls has released a collection of advisory notes that he received from Disney concerning the series, and some of them defy belief.

Alex Hirsch is the creator of Gravity Falls, which is an animated show that revolves around twins Dipper and Mabel spending the summer with their great-uncle in the titular town.

While there, they investigate local mysteries, and experience supernatural and paranormal activity. Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal voice the twins in question, while Hirsch plays great-uncle Stan.

The show kicked off in 2012, meaning Gravity Falls is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. And to celebrate, Hirsch has dropped some of the notes he received from Disney about the show.

What do Disney’s notes for Gravity Falls say?

Hirsch posted a video that features emails exchanged with Disney TV’s Standards and Practices Department about Gravity Falls…

“Ever curious about the fights I had with the censors on Gravity Falls?” his Tweet reads, “I probably shouldn’t share this buttttt here are some REAL NOTES from DISNEY S&P and my REAL REPLIES.”

Disney’s first issue is with the word “poopface” being offensive. Hirsch refuses to change it, and responds by stating, “I’ve never met a human on earth of any age who would be offended by a cartoon saying the word poop face.”

Disney then has a problem with the words “hoo-ha” and “chub,” as well as two friends putting their arms around each other.

Is Gravity Falls religiously offensive?

Alex Hirsch plays Great-Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls.

The S&P department also worried by what they perceive to be potentially offensive in religious terminology.

“Please replace ‘Jeez’ as the term is considered an abbreviation of Jesus” they write, before also having concerns about the phrase “Holy Christmas.”

Another message states “S&P is not OK with saying the word ‘Lucifer’ please revise… S&P is concerned we will get complaints about such mentions of Lucifer, Satan, and/or devil.”

Hirsch suggests that they respond to anyone who complains with the following: “Sir or Madam, we respect your religion, but this fanciful public domain language is used in a spooky, Halloween-like context and in no way represents a commentary on any belief system whatsoever. Please eat this Mickey shaped cookie and enjoy this cute, classic, family-friendly Disney cartoon.”

The case of the “problematic” chimp

But Disney’s funniest fear revolves around a cartoon chimpanzee. “The gag with the basketball player throwing the pet chimp through the basketball hoop will most likely be problematic,” they write. “We would need to run the scene by our Disney Animal consultant for acceptability – especially with any primate inclusions.”

They add: “The Monkey’s name, ‘SALACIOUS MONK MONK’ is also problematic for S&P as the ‘salacious’ term is inappropriate. Please revise.”

At his wit’s end by this point, Hirsch replies: “This maybe the dumbest collection of notes I’ve ever received.”

Gravity Falls – which continues to celebrate its 10th birthday – is currently streaming on Disney+.

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