Grace Van Dien says she heard “someone important” will die in Stranger Things season 5

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Grace Van Dien teases major character death stranger things season 5

Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien claims she heard an “important” character will die off in Season 5 of the highly-acclaimed Netflix show.

Stranger Things Season 4 took over the internet last year, stealing fans’ hearts with newcomer characters Chrissy Cunningham and Eddie Munson as well as a new villain, Vecna.

Now, all eyes are looking toward the future of the series, with many fans speculating about possible twists and turns that the show could take in its next season.

However, one cast member may have just alerted fans to a possible major character death coming up in Season 5, leaving viewers itching for more answers.

Beware: Stranger Things spoilers ahead!

Grace Van Dien teases major character death in Stranger Things Season 5

Chrissy Cunningham’s actress, Grace Van Dien, may have let slip some big news for the show during a fan convention in Holland over the weekend.

During a panel at the convention, Van Dien mentioned that “someone important” might die in the show’s next season.

“I heard someone important’s gonna die,” she said in response to a question asking if she’d watch Season 5 after her character was killed off.

“Spoilers?” she continued, reacting to the crowd’s shock after dropping the bombshell. “That’s public!”

This statement has led to a slew of speculation from fans as to who could be getting axed next season, with one of the most popular picks being Dustin Henderson.

The thread below details just a few of the reasons why fans are bracing for Dustin’s possible death, with some making mention of his closeness to Eddie Munson and how he may have been inspired to make sacrifices for the team after witnessing his passing in the last season.

For now, there’s no telling who’s living and who’s dying in Season 5… but star Finn Wolfhard says he believes the show will give each character a “perfect ending.”

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