Stranger Things’ best scene goes viral on Season 4 anniversary

Gabriela Silva
Sadie Sink in Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 4.

Stranger Things Season 4 is celebrating its second anniversary since its original release on Netflix, and fans are still getting goosebumps over one scene.

Hawkins and the main characters of Stranger Things Season 4 were in for the battle of their lives, coming face-to-face with Vecna and Henry Creed’s past.

As fans worried about the fate of the main characters, the focal point of the season was Max and whether her connection to Vecna would make her his next target.

Two years later and ahead of the release of Stranger Things Season 5, fans are still in awe at the chilling scene in Episode 4 where Vecna entrances Max in the graveyard.

“Can’t forget how I felt watching this for the first time,” said one fan on X/Twitter, remembering the moment.

The scene in question shows Max as she tries to escape the clutches of Vecna, while Lucas and Dustin try to break her out of his mind control. The situation becomes dire when her body starts to levitate in the graveyard, as this normally leads to death.

But the gang play Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’, which allows Max to hear them from the Upside Down. Max is able to recount her happiest memories, opening a portal to let her mind escape.

Between the impact of Kate Bush’s song and the events that unfold, fans still can’t get over how it made them feel watching it for the first time.

“Kate Bush ‘Running Up That Hill’ repeaked at #3 on Billboard Hot 100 when this scene dropped… that’s how impactful this was!” said one fan.

Another added, “This is still one of the most moving and gorgeous scenes in media I have seen in such a long f**king time.”

On Reddit, one fan asked if people were just as emotional watching that scene as they were. One answered, “Every time I watch it I get serious goosebumps about it. And I remember when I first saw the scene I was on the edge of my chair hoping and keeping my fingers crossed.”

“When I first watched it I was standing so close to my TV, holding my breath. It’s definitely one of those emotional and anxiety-inducing scenes,” commented another.

Max’s storyline and scene were a focal point. She was dealing with the death of Billy, trying to battle her mental health issues, and finding purpose, making her a prime target for Vecna. But she battled his control after finding a place to call home among her friends.

Stranger Things Season 5 production is underway. Until then, you can catch up on other TV series to stream this month, and theories on what the leaked episodes titled for Season 5 could mean.

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