Stranger Things Season 5 will give every character “a perfect ending”

Brianna Reeves
stranger things season 5 ending

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard believes each character in Netflix’s popular sci-fi series will receive a “perfect ending” in Season 5.

Nearly every main Stranger Things character experienced their share of trials in tribulations throughout Season 4. The season ended on a note that suggests even bigger challenges lie in wait, too.

Going into the show’s final run, then, many fans have one thing on their minds – what kind of fate awaits the Stranger Things kids?

An answer won’t arrive until Season 5’s reported 2024 release window, yet one actor from the Netflix series has offered the slightest of hints.

Stranger Things actor teases Season 5 ending for characters

During an interview with IndieWire, Mike actor Finn Wolfhard expressed his belief that his character’s friendship with Will Byers will survive the latter’s potential admission of a crush.

In so doing, the star additionally noted that he imagines every character will enjoy an ideal ending of sorts. Wolfhard told the publication in part,

“I would imagine Mike is going to be totally accepting of Will, and I really want Will to have a really happy ending. And I think he will. What’s going to be so awesome about season five is that [series creators] the Duffers are sort of trying to thread this needle of trying to get every character to have their perfect ending. So I’m excited to see what ends up happening.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean each of our heroes will get their happily ever after. The “perfect ending” for one character in Stranger Things Season 5 may translate to a sentimental final few moments.

Whereas someone else’s perfect conclusion may prove bittersweet, so long as it befits the arc of the character. Whatever the case, the wait to find out for certain won’t be ending anytime soon.

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