Gen V: Jordan Li powers & more explained

Cameron Frew
London Thor and Derek Luh as Jordan Li in Gen V

Jordan Li, Gen V’s gender-flipping super hero with a spot in Godolkin’s top 10, is such a complex character, so here’s a breakdown of the character’s powers and more.

Vought would have you believe that the US was the “chosen land of God”, and every supe across the country is a walking miracle that was born with their extraordinary abilities.

That’s a lie. While Soldier Boy was transformed into the franchise’s version of Captain America early into his enlistment during the Second World War, the supes in Gen V have one thing in common: their parents essentially sold them to Vought as infants and allowed each of them to become experiments, all in exchange for some hefty hush money.

There are a number of variables to consider, but the salient fact is this: Compound V has a higher success rate with children, and while higher doses result in stronger powers, there’s no way of knowing which abilities someone will develop until they appear. So, what’s going on with Jordan Li?

Jordan Li’s powers in Gen V explained

Jordan Li has two main powers: they’re capable of shifting their appearance between male and female versions of themself at will and firing energy blasts from their hands.

Little is known about Jordan’s past, other than them being injected with Compound V at an incredibly young age and discovering the ability to flip between their male and female forms. Jordan identifies as bi-gender and is clearly comfortable as either – but their parents, especially their father, disapprove of them appearing as female.

There are perks to either form, though: in their female form (played by London Thor), Jordan can release a powerful energy pulse from their hands that can knock other supes off their feet; and in their male form (portrayed by Derek Luh), they’re near-indestructible, withstanding all of Golden Boy’s attacks in the first episode.

Just like other supes, Jordan also has superhuman agility and durability, making them a formidable opponent in almost any fight – they even hold their own against Sam, who’s believed to be just as strong (if not stronger) as Homelander.

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