Gen V cast: All actors & characters in The Boys spinoff

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The main cast of spin-off series Gen V

Here are the main characters and actors in the Gen V cast.

Bloody Supes. Through three seasons of the mainline series and a brief animated spinoff alongside it, we’ve met all sorts of wild and zany figures in The Boys.

From the unmistakable presence of Anthony Starr’s Homelander to the brief yet captivating Shawn Ashmore as Lamplighter, we’ve seen all sorts of troubled heroes and villains. A new batch of faces has joined the mix, thanks to Gen V.

So as we look forward to Gen V Season 2, here are the most prominent figures.

Gen V cast and characters


Marie Moreau: Jaz Sinclair

Gen V cast: Marie Moreua

Jaz Sinclair plays Marie Moreau, Gen V’s protagonist with some bloody devastating powers. Capable of manipulating streams of blood, using them as weapons as she sees fit, Moreau is certainly not to be trifled with. Despite a tragic upbringing and a devastating first encounter with her superpower, Moreau is dedicated to climbing the ranks at Godolkin University in hopes of joining The Seven.


Andre Anderson: Chance Perdomo

Gen V cast Andre

Chance Perdomo played Andre Anderson, a student at Godolkin University in one of the more popular friend groups with Golden Boy. Andre can bend metal at will, a power that’s helped get him out of trouble countless times.

Perdomo, who had also starred in Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, died in March 2023.

Emma Meyer: Lizze Broadway

Gen V cast: Emma Meyer

Lizzie Broadway plays Emma Meyer, Marie Moreau’s roommate at Godolkin University. Akin to Ant-Man, just with a far more disgusting process involved, Meyer can shrink down to minuscule proportions thanks to her superpower.

Cate Dunlap: Maddie Phillips

Gen V cast: Cate Dunlap

Maddie Phillips plays the role of Cate Dunlap, a mind-controlling Supe entangled with Golden Boy. Dunlap can essentially command anyone to do just about anything, simply by making physical contact and then making her demands.

Philips is most known for her role in the Netflix action-comedy series Teenaged Bounty Hunters.

Jordan Li: London Thor

Gen V cast: Jordan Li

London Thor plays one-half of Jordan Li, a character capable of shifting their gender and appearance on the fly. At any given moment, Li can morph from male to female or visa-versa.

In addition to acting, Thor is a singer and songwriter who began her career at just 15 years old.

Jordan Li: Derek Luh

Gen V cast: Jordan Li

Derek Luh plays the other half of Jordan Li, the male counterpart to Thor’s female portrayal. Li appears to have a great deal of strength and damage resistance as well, though the true extent of their power remains unclear.

Funnily enough, Derek Luh is also a music artist. He has toured with Machine Gun Kelly, and collaborated with French Montana and Dizzy Wright. Jordan is his breakout acting role.

Sam Riordan: Asa Germann

Gen V cast: Sam

Asa Germann plays Sam, a younger Supe with near-unprecedented strength, capable of eviscerating even the toughest foes without breaking a sweat. Sam also appears all but impervious to damage as well.

Germann was also in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story in 2022 and Caviar in 2021.

Indira Shetty: Shelley Conn

Gen V cast: Indira Shetty

Shelley Conn plays Indira Shetty, the first of our human characters in Gen V. Shetty is the superintendent of Godolkin University, doing her utmost to ensure the campus remains the top spot in America for Supes to hone their powers. At least, those appear to be her intentions on the surface.

Conn is recognized for being Lady Mary Sheffield Sharma in Season 2 of the romantic TV series Bridgerton and appearing as Beelzebub in four episodes of Good Omens.

Professor Rich Brinkerhoff: Clancy Brown

Rich Brinkerhoff Gen V

Clancy Brown plays Professor Rich Brinkerhoff, otherwise referred to as ‘Brink.’ As a renowned author, Brink has dedicated his life to studying Supes and everything that makes them tick, though he himself is just a human.

Clancy Brown is a character actor with an extensive body of work which includes movies like John Wick 4, Highlander, Starship Troopers, and The Shawshank Redemption. He also has roles in TV shows like Invincible and The Penguin.

Luke ‘Golden Boy’ Riordan: Patrick Schwarzenegger

Gen V cast: Golden Boy

Patrick Schwarzenegger played Luke Riorda, best known as Golden Boy. As the nickname implies, Golden Boy was largely touted as the top prospect at Godolkin University, one with a golden ticket to a spot among The Seven. Capable of heating up any situation, Golden Boy can bend fire to his will, engulfing his entire body in flames.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son and has also been in Midnight Sun, The Staircase, and The Terminal List.

Tek Knight: Derek Wilson

Derek Wilson as Tek Knight in Gen V

Derek Wilson plays Tek Knight, real name Robert Vernon, a super-powered, award-winning actor and investigator — as well as a serial pervert.

Wilson has also starred in Preacher, Future Man, and Rectify.

Gen V Episodes 1-7 are on Prime Video now, which you can sign up for here. You can also check out when does Gen V take place in The Boys timeline, all Gen V The Boys cameos, or The Boys Season 4 release date.

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