House of the Dragon Episode 10: Lucerys and Aemond’s fight explained

Aemond in House of the Dragon Episode 10HBO

House of the Dragon Episode 10 ends with the most important moment of the show so far: Lucerys and Aemond’s dragon fight – let’s break down what happens, and why it’s significant for the Dance of the Dragons.

Episode 9 set the stage for the civil war, with Aegon II usurping the Iron Throne after Viserys’ alleged final wish to Alicent, and Rhaenys escaping with Meleys and flying to Dragonstone.

However, while the Season 1 finale mostly deals with the fallout of the Hightowers’ treachery, with Rhaenyra and Daemon plotting their next move against the Greens, a major event happens elsewhere.

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Lucerys and Aemond face off in Episode 10 – you can read our review of the episode here – so here’s what happens and why it’s one of the biggest moments in the show to date.

Spoilers for House of the Dragon Episode 10 to follow…

House of the Dragon Episode 10: What happens in Lucerys and Aemond’s fight?

If you don’t remember, Lucerys slashed Aemond’s face with a dagger during his fight with Jacaerys, coming after he flew Vhagar for the first time and referenced Harwin Strong being his real father.

In Episode 10, Lucerys flies to Storm’s End on Arrax to appeal to Lord Borros Baratheon, where he catches sight of Vhagar and Aemond.

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Borros Baratheon quickly sends him and his “empty hands” on his way, but Aemond stops him from leaving. “A fight would be little challenge,” he mutters, before demanding Lucerys repay his past debt with one of his own eyes, revealing the sapphire gem under his eye patch for the first time. Before they cross swords, Borros orders Aemond to leave him alone and for his knights to escort Lucerys back to his dragon.


As Lucerys heads back to Dragonstone, the silhouette of Vhagar lingers above him. Aemond chases Lucerys through the clouds, cackling with every roar and taunt, before Lucerys manages to fit in a gap in the cliffside.

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As Aemond calls out to him, Lucerys reappears and Arrax smothers Vhagar’s face in dragonflame. At this point, it’s clear neither rider has their dragon in control: Lucerys pleads with Arrax to listen to him, while Aemond can’t restrain Vhagar

Vhagar refuses to serve Aemond and pursues Arrax through the sky, flying above the stormy clouds and – in a horrific flash of blood – chomping Lucerys and his dragon in half. Aemond looks on as bits of the dragon’s corpse fall to Earth, fully knowing the gravity of what he’s done.

House of the Dragon Episode 10: Why is Lucerys and Aemond’s fight so important?

While the Dance of the Dragons was already in motion, Lucerys’ death will spark a drastic escalation in the civil war from Rhaenyra and Daemon.

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More specifically, it’s the key event behind the Blood and Cheese storyline, which you can read about here.

House of the Dragon Season 1 is available to stream now. For more on Season 2, click here.