Maisie Williams admits Game of Thrones “fell off at the end”

an image of game of thrones star maisie willaismYouTube: Nylon

Games of Thrones star Maisie Williams reflected on the show’s legacy, three years after its conclusion. However, like many fans of the HBO show, Williams agrees that it dropped the ball with Season 8.

Game of Thrones came to its end in 2019 and gave way to one of the most divisive TV endings of all time. Since the show concluded, many of its stars have affirmed that it would have benefitted from another season.

Maisie Williams, who portrayed the heroic Aria Stark, quickly became a fan favorite during the show’s tenure.

Now, three years after its finale, Williams has revealed her thoughts on the show following a recent rewatch.

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Maisie Williams reflects on Games of Thrones: “It kinda popped off”

During a Twitch livestream with her brother James Williams, Maisie was prompted to speak about her time on Games of Thrones. Williams had recently rewatched the show again and explained that “honestly, it kinda popped off. And I for the longest time…I was so like… I could never see it.”

Having worked on the show for ten years, Williams wasn’t able to experience the show as a fan.

“I could never like say that and understand it, y’know? And it feels good to be proud of it, that was ten years of my life,” Williams continued.

Naturally, the show’s ending also came into question. “It definitely fell off at the end, but it started really strong,” joked Williams.

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It isn’t all bad though for Game of Thrones fans. The franchise continues to see immense success, as the spin-off show House of the Dragon has rejuvenated excitement across the world.

House of the Dragon is gearing up for its Season One finale on October 24, so be sure to get updated in the meantime.