Chainsaw Man Episode 11 review: Special division attacks

Chainsaw man episode 11Crunchyroll

In Chainsaw Man episode 11, the main characters level up and the Special Division begins a counterattack against the henchmen of the Gun Devil.

Chainsaw Man has been one of the most hyped-up anime shows in recent years, and its first season has finally arrived on Crunchyroll, with just two episodes left now, including Episode 11.

Chainsaw Man episode 11, the penultimate chapter, builds up for what is sure to be an epic season finale, setting up fights alongside buffing the preexisting cast of characters. As usual, the series impresses with its fast-paced narrative fans have come to enjoy.

So, before we get into it, spoiler warning for Chainsaw Man ahead…

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The main cast levels up

In episode 10, the three main characters, Aki, Power, and Denji, were shown going on training arcs. Aki looks for a new devil partner, while Power and Denji get brutally massacred by their instructor: Kishibe.

Aki’s interaction with the Future Devil is easily one of the highlights of the episode. Initially, the Future Devil dislikes Aki’s curt behavior. But upon looking into his future death, he states “your death will be f**king awesome!” This prompts the Future Devil to join forces with Aki without the need of a sacrifice, and states he’ll live in his right eye.

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The lack of a sacrifice would have felt a little cliché, if not for the bad*ss reason behind it. Aki’s death has been alluded to multiple times throughout the series now, and though there’s a lot of mystery behind it still, the Future Devil’s statement essentially ensures Aki’s destiny will be amazing to witness.

In addition, Aki pretty much unlocked Sharingan through the Future Devil’s aid. He can now see a little bit into the future, which allows him to predict his opponents’ moves.

As for Denji and Power, their level-ups haven’t been shown on screen. But if their mentor is okay with their power level as it is now, considering he beat the absolute bananas out of them, it means they’ve unlocked something special. In addition, Kishibe’s attachment to them, which he shares with Makima, signifies the two’s prevalence in the main plot. Hopefully, they won’t be thrown away like a lot of the characters in previous episodes were. Rest in peace Himeno, best girl.

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Setting up the battleground against Gun Devil’s henchmen

Makima essentially yoinks the eyeballs of Yakuza’s family and loved ones, threatening their lives to acquire information. This allows the Special Division begin their assault the headquarters of the Gun Devil’s henchmen, progressing the story forward.

This brings about the topic of a “necessary evil.” Makima’s by any means necessary thinking process shines light on the character. Her crazed eyes begin to make more sense in regard to her character design. And it’s rather clear she’s definitely not entirely “good,” a concept that remains pretty ambiguous in Chainsaw Man.

As for the assault, Chainsaw Man episode 11 is only the beginning — laying the grounds for what is sure to be a massive battle. Their invasion also introduces a whole bunch of other fiends and devils, who are part of the Special Division. These are all rather insane individuals, who would seem like villains in almost any other anime. Considering how many characters died in episode 9, viewers can’t help but wonder who else will fall in due time.

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