Will there be a Bodies Season 2?

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New Netflix series Bodies goes beyond just being an ordinary crime series, presenting a story that brings together a set of different genres. But will it get a Season 2?

With a cast led by Stephen Graham, the graphic novel originally penned by Si Spencer comes to life across eight drama-filled episodes.

The show’s synopsis reads: “The crime and sci-fi series follows four detectives from different time periods – 1890, 1941, 2023, and 2053 – who discover the exact same body in Whitechapel, east London. Then, they begin to unravel a disturbing conspiracy spanning decades and have to try to work together to solve the murder.”

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Now that the show is finally available to stream on Netflix, here’s everything you need to know about the possibility of a Bodies Season 2.

Will there be a Bodies Season 2?

No – Bodies creators have confirmed that the show won’t be returning for Season 2.

During a preview Q&A prior to the series being released, creator Paul Tomalin explained why he wanted Bodies to be kept to one limited series.

“We went to Netflix and said that we wanted to finish this. We don’t want to drag it out. Quite often when you’re doing these pitch documents for commissioners, everyone wants to know about a Series 2. And then when you’re asked about what happens in Series 2, you’re like ‘Hopefully Paul gets a mortgage. Live rent-free for the rest of the series!’

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“I grew up in the ’80s with movies. I fell in love with endings,” Tomalin continued. “Obviously what TV represents as writers is a mental objective that you can go into, but there’s also such a thrill in being focused. Quite often you’re watching a show like ‘How many series? Oh, Christ!’ You have to have a really stinking cold to be able to catch up.

“So this is a one-and-done. It’s eight steps, like an eight-hour movie. We leave you hopefully spinning and reeling at 5am when you need to go to work the next day. It’s a binge, and I love it because there’s a certainty. Sometimes you can feel things dragging out, and this one never runs on fumes.”

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