Bleach: The real reason Urahara created the Hogyoku

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Kisuke Urahara establishes himself as the greatest mind in Bleach by creating the Hogyoku. Although Aizen uses it for evil purposes, Urahara’s intention behind creating it is different.

Bleach never has an antagonist as brilliant as Sosuke Aizen. However, even he is afraid of what Urahara is capable of. Whether it is to plot Aizen’s downfall or even get the stolen Bankai back to the Captains, one after another, Urahara has proven himself to be the most useful character in the series.

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Urahara accomplishes something that Aizen has been aiming for for centuries. Sadly, the creation of the Hogyoku plunges the world into chaos and becomes a source of Aizen’s unparalleled power. Aizen becomes invincible after fusing with the Hogyoku, resulting in Ichigo using a technique that drains the latter of all his Soul Reaper powers.

Even then, Aizen doesn’t die and instead gets sealed in the Soul Society’s prison. Ever since the Soul Society Arc, the series centres around the Hogyoku until Ichigo finally defeats Aizen. From the plot of Rukia’s execution to the creation of the Arrancars, Aizen leaves no stone unturned to achieve his goals. Here’s why Uraharara created the Hogyoku.

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What is the Hogyoku in Bleach?

Bleach Fandom

The Hogyoku is a small, bluish orb with a unique substance capable of crossing the boundaries between Soul Reapers and Hollows. It can allow one race to gain the powers of the other race. That is why the Arrancars created by Aizen can wield a Zanpakuto.

However, what makes Hogyoku truly terrifying is the ability to sense the hearts of those around it and manifest their deepest desire. Both Aizen and Urahara create the Hogyoku for different purposes.

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However, Aizen realizes his Hogyoku is incomplete before aiming to steal Urahara’s Hogyoku. Before the attack on the fake Karakura Town, Aizen merges both the Hogyoku, forming a single orb capable of devastating destruction.

Why does Urahara Create the Hogyoku?

Urahara has always aimed to test his limits by making one creation after another. After researching the nature of Hollows, he tries to break down the barrier between two contradictory races of Hollows and Soul Reapers. This will allow an individual to unlock the ultimate power that no being has ever been able to achieve. This concept of hybridization is connected to the existence of the Soul King.

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The result of his research is the Hogyoku, which unfortunately catches Aizen’s attention. However, Urahara becomes so afraid of his creation that he hides it inside Rukia’s soul. Destroying the Hogyoku is impossible; therefore, Urahara has no other way than to hide it somewhere. Sadly, he doesn’t know that Aizen will exploit this fact and set up Rukia for execution.

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