Avatar 2: How old is Kiri in The Way of Water?

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Kiri in Avatar 220th Century Studios

Kiri, Grace’s Na’vi daughter, is one of several new characters introduced in Avatar: The Way of Water – but how old is she in Avatar 2, and when was she born after the first film?

Sigourney Weaver starred in 2009’s Avatar as Dr Grace Augustine, an RDA researcher fascinated by Pandora’s ecosystem and the spirituality within its geography, particularly with the Tree of Souls.

She was killed by Quaritch as she tried to escape RDA custody with Jake, Norm, and Trudy, and while the Na’vi tried to transfer her soul to her Avatar permanently, they were too late.

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However, Weaver has returned in Avatar 2 as Kiri, Grace’s daughter – so when was she born, and how old is she in the movie?

How old is Kiri in Avatar 2?

Kiri is 14 years old in Avatar 2, while Sigourney Weaver is 73. It’s believed her character was born in 2155, a year after the events of the first Avatar.

However, her conception remains a “total mystery”, and her biological father hasn’t yet been revealed. You can find out more about her character’s backstory and traits here.

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Sigourney Weaver as Kiri in Avatar 220th Century Studios

While speaking to the D23 magazine, Weaver said: “It was a great privilege to be able to play this fantastic character who bridges these different worlds. It’s also nice reuniting with an old friend. [Director James Cameron] said, ‘I know you can do this, because you really are immature; you are a 14-year-old.’

“I would say the same thing about him. He may be 16 years old. He teases me quite a bit, but I also trust him. He always knew what he needed and took the time to get us there. He listens to his actors. He really wants us to weave ourselves together with our characters.”

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While you’d never know watching the movie, Weaver was in “agony” over Kiri during production, constantly wary of the authenticity of her performance – until Cameron stepped in.

“I had no idea what was actually coming across. I couldn’t keep track of it. I didn’t want to be thinking about that, and Jim never said anything,” she explained.

“One day I blurted out some whiny complaint about not getting any feedback, and Jim just turned and said in a serious voice, ‘You have to stop being insecure. It’s really inappropriate for who you are, how old you are, and what you’ve done in your career.’ So, that shut me up. I heard him loud and clear.”

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Avatar: The Way of Water is available to stream via VOD now. Check out our other coverage below:

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