Adam Ruins Everything star recommends piracy after Max removes series

Christopher Baggett
Adam Conover with the Max logo

Fans who were watching Adam Ruins Everything were probably crushed to learn the show is no longer streaming on Max, but the star has a solution: piracy.

Adam Ruins Everything has been a consistent streaming success for a while now, despite the fact that the series ended in 2019. The series saw host Adam Conover debunk common misconceptions about topics like the American healthcare system or the automotive industry.

That didn’t stop Max from removing it from its streaming catalog last year. It was yet another blow for users of the streaming service, which is currently under boycott from the #DontStreamOnMax movement.

Now, Adam Conover reassured a fan that the show was still available for purchase but offered a surprising alternate solution if those ever went away: pirate the show.

“Adam Ruins Everything was removed from Max last year, despite the fact that many, many people still watch the show,” Conover said in his post. “The best way to watch the show currently is to buy a season pass on Amazon or iTunes. When that fails: BitTorrent.”

Of course, BitTorrent would be an illegal option even for a superfan, but it does highlight the ongoing problem with media archiving. Adam Ruins Everything was and remains an incredibly popular series with a healthy 65-episode run, which started on TruTV and then moved to streaming platforms.

But the show, which spun off from Conover’s successful CollegeHumor skits, never received a physical release. Without a presence on streaming, the show can only be purchased on Amazon and iTunes.

There is currently no word as to whether Max or another service has plans to stream Adam Ruins Everything in the future. If you’re looking to scratch that itch, though, you can check out all the new streaming shows and true crime series hitting streaming this month.