Genshin Impact streamer ‘quits’ amid Tectone drama after losing “absolutely everything”

Meera Jacka
Twitch streamer Atsu

Genshin Impact streamer Atsu has announced he is “quitting” following drama involving fellow creators Braxophone and Tectone.

Twitch’s Genshin Impact content creation sphere has been rocked by recent disputes and accusations. It all started when ‘Braxophone‘ claimed ‘Atsu‘ had been “gatekeeping” events held by the game’s developer, HoYoverse.

Before long, other big names stepped in and offered Braxophone their support, including OTK member ‘Tectone’ — who was later accused of “harassing” Atsu.

The situation continued to escalate and it appears things have now finally come to a head, with Atsu announcing he is “quitting” after losing “absolutely everything” on X (formerly Twitter).

In the tweet, Atsu revealed that alongside his career, livelihood, and “will to live,” his marriage to fellow creator ‘Nekkopii‘ had also fallen apart. Atsu included a link to a 34-page document outlining the entire “drama,” with receipts to explain his side of the situation.

In the document, Atsu detailed how he had hit “rock bottom.” Not only did he claim to find out his wife had cheated, but Atsu also described being a victim to “untrue” allegations and misinformation online; “I have never felt so hurt and alone than in these past four months.”

He addressed the “defamatory remarks” made by Braxophone, pointing out the lack of evidence provided and stating his own attempts to “contextualize” came “far too late” as too many creators had already hopped on the “bandwagon” against him.

Despite this, it was divulged that Atsu and Braxophone had since sat down over dinner to discuss the drama and clear the air — a statement backed by the latter who posted his own document regarding the pair’s beef.

“I would like to think we are on good terms, and I know he is not a horrible person nor was his intention to destroy my livelihood,” Atsu wrote. Braxhophone shared a similar sentiment, claiming, “It’s easier to live life without enemies.”

Nonetheless, the reunification has not prevented Atsu from stepping back from streaming, and the Genshin Impact gamer predicted that his document would spark further issues as he felt it would lead to Tectone ‘spinning’ things into “another content farm for drama.”

“Tectone, you are one of the most influential creators in the space today. You cannot be oblivious and keep feigning ignorance on how your involvement has created such a hostile and toxic environment towards other creators,” Atsu said, adding that “writing all this will likely fuel you to keep coming after me for an eternity.”

After addressing every person involved in the drama, Atsu concluded the document by explaining he would likely post another video or stream addressing everything before stepping back; “I’m exhausted. I want to move on and just get on with my life.”

“I will remain inactive on my YouTube and Twitch channels for the foreseeable future once I’ve done my farewell pieces on there, and perhaps I may stream sporadically on my [second] Twitch account… I want to heal and do some soul searching.”

Multiple creators named in the document have since responded, slamming Atsu’s allegations and expressing their discontent with what he had to say.

Braxophone and Tectone both provided lengthy replies that consisted of a document shared by the former and a three-hour video by the latter. Gooser — who was also mentioned by Atsu — posted to X to deny the claims made about him.

As of now, Atsu hasn’t acknowledged his fellow creators’ complaints about the document. As the story continues to develop, we’ll be sure to update you here.

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