What is the “What’s up Brother” trend on TikTok? Sketch clip goes viral

Virginia Glaze

Sketch fans are taking over TikTok by copying the internet-famous Twitch streamer and his iconic “what’s up brother” catchphrase. Here’s what you need to know about this viral trend.

‘Sketch’ is a popular streamer on Twitch and a friend of Jynxzi, a broadcaster who catapulted to stardom in 2023 and took home two awards at the 2024 Streamer Awards.

Sketch is known for his classic catchphrase, where he lifts up a finger and says, “What’s up brother?”

Over the last week, Sketch’s catchphrase has become so prominent that netizens are seeing it everywhere on their For You Page — and now, users are even copying the streamer.

Although the phrase caught on thanks to Sketch, another TikToker by the name Don Vincent started a trend using the streamer’s famous line that’s taking over the internet.

In a video that’s racked up over 3 million views in just five days, Vincent challenged his female viewers to approach their boyfriends with a finger up and ask them, “What’s up brother?”

Now, couples all over TikTok are trying out the trend for themselves to hilarious results, often involving the boyfriends continuing Sketch’s catchphrase with some of his additional mannerisms.

One woman even woke her boyfriend out of a deep sleep with the challenge — and he immediately responded by returning the catchphrase and sticking out his own finger.

Sketch himself responded to Don’s video, writing in a comment: “TRUST.”

Sketch has garnered the attention of folks all over the world, even earning recognition from the NFL, who included a clip of the streamer in one of their TikTok videos.

It looks like Sketch is the next big thing online thanks to his optimistic personality and humorous idiosyncrasies — and with over 600K followers on Twitch, he’s already well on his way to becoming Twitch’s favorite streamer.

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