What is the bro test on TikTok? New viral challenge explained

Alice Sjöberg
TikTok bro challenge

The bro test is a new trend that has taken TikTok by storm, as it tests how much of a “bro” someone is based on how they pick up certain items.

Tests have always been a big thing on TikTok. Whether it’s a relationship test like the tiny portions test, or personality tests in the form of filters like the likable person test, the video possibilities have been endless.

The latest trend to grow in popularity is the bro challenge, which judges people on what they do when they pick up certain items.

What is the bro test on TikTok?

The bro code challenge is a test where a person is put to the test to see if they manage to complete tasks without getting any guidance.

While the hashtags for the bro challenge or the bro test only have around a thousand videos each, the trend has picked up as more and more people are testing their loved ones.

The purpose of the trend is to see if the people being tested would do what’s expected of them with certain objects, such as clicking a pen when picking it up, clicking kitchen tongs, and wrapping up a bag of opened bread.

TikTok user splendidlysmittenjen went viral with over three million views when she put her husband and children to the test for the bro challenge. She asked each of them to tie up a bag of bread, picking up some tongs, a ball, and a drill.

While her children got most of the tasks right but failed to get the air out of the bag of bread, Jen then went on to show her husband’s attempt. He ended up nailing the challenge and doing all the tasks right.

When explaining the challenge to a confused viewer, Jen wrote: “Apparently most men (bros) will spin the bag and tuck the end under instead of using a twist tie, click the tongs, toss the ball, and run the drill! Just confirmed with my cousin in college in a video.”

Viewers loved watching Jen’s family attempt the challenge, and the comments soon flooded with people saying what they would’ve done with each item.

“No one got the air out of the bread…both lost,” one person said, while another user wrote: “I would’ve picked the ball up with the tongs.”