Sketch addresses viral leaks in tearful Twitch stream: “That was a dark time”

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star Sketch has addressed the viral leaks showing the streamer in adult content, apologizing to fans and explaining he dealt with “addiction” during the time the content was made.

Sketch is a rising star on Twitch, quickly becoming one of the most popular streamers on the broadcasting platform thanks to his positive attitude and sense of humor.

However, on July 7, 2024, some of his fans began speaking out against the influencer after videos and photos began surfacing.

Although it wasn’t clear if it was Sketch himself in the leaks circulating on social media, Sketch went live on July 8 to address the situation, admitting that it was, indeed, him.

He explained that the content was made years ago when he was battling “addiction problems” and apologized to fans who’d seen the videos and photos of him.

(Topic begins at 2:39)

“Yeah, that was me,” he said. “I f*cked up. I won’t do it again. …that was a dark time. A rough time.”

“But on a real note, I’ve been living under the threat of that coming out for two years,” he continued. “Started social media, just kind of dicking around, had that in my past. I’ll tell you what. Weight lifted off my shoulders. God is good. All the time.”

Sketch went on to explain that he’d planned on completely quitting social media if his old content ever got out, but tearfully credited his parents and good friends like FaZe Banks for helping him through this difficult time.

“I’ll say it candidly; Plan A was to call it quits if this ever came out, but some people saved me. Shout out Banks. Shout out my parents. Shout out y’all. I f*cked up, but I’m changed.”

Sketch also claimed that he had considered ending his own life if this situation came to pass.

“My original plan was, there’s two things. One, either be delusional and think it’s never gonna come out, or two… what’s the plan after? The plan after was not very good. If I was alone and I was at my house, I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now.”

He went on to credit the “people at FaZe” and “Banks, especially” for encouraging him and being by his side.

Near the end of his broadcast, Sketch debated quitting streaming or continuing, jokingly asking himself, “What did Kim Kardashian do?”

Those words of gratitude toward Banks follows a tweet the FaZe co-founder posted on July 8 shortly before Sketch went live, showing a string of text messages with the streamer as well as a photo of his glasses and shoes that he’d left behind in a dash to the airport when the leaks went viral.

In his post, Banks berated those who were spreading the leaks and decrying Sketch, saying, “Sketch was my homie yesterday, he’s my homie today, he’ll be my homie tomorrow.”

For now, Sketch says he’ll continue streaming after a short break, saying he’d “rather y’all know my flaws” than be a “poster boy” for good behavior.

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