What is the fish song on TikTok? ‘If I were a fish’ goes viral

TikTok If I were a fish song by corook and olivia bartonTikTok: hicorook, sammywroge

Active users of TikTok have likely heard the ‘If I were a fish’ song being sung on their FYP, but what exactly is the viral fish song and where did it come from?

Throughout the last few years, an increasing number of viral songs and sound clips have found their way into the spotlight thanks to videos on TikTok.

Musicians like GAYLE and Olivia Rodrigo have used their accounts to boost their popularity as well, with songs like ABCDEFU and Drivers License.

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The latest song to go viral on the app is ‘If I were a fish,’ but what exactly is the fish song, and who created it?

If I Were a Fish TikTok song explained

First uploaded on April 11, 2023, the first verse of ‘If I Were a Fish’ was written in about 10 minutes by singer Corook and their partner Olivia Barton.

It’s since been viewed over 13 million times with over 17k videos using the sound from the viral clip. Corook explained the inspiration behind the song in the caption.

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“I was having a very emotional day, feeling insecure and out of place. So I cried to Olivia and after feeling through it, we wrote this song in 10 minutes to remember the joy in being different,” they said.

As the video went viral, over 44,000 people took to the comments to share their love for the wholesome song.

“If anyone needs me today, please don’t. I’ll be here listening to this over and over again,” one said.

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Another user replied: “I’ve been listening to this for 20 minutes… I’m not leaving yet… Maybe the next loop will have another verse. I NEED MORE!”

Just days later, Corook revealed the song had been released on streaming platforms — complete with new verses — and it was met with the same love from fans that the original video was.

So much love in fact, that Corook took their guitar to a local park to sing the song… and was met with a rather sizable group of fans.

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It’s clear that Corook and their partners feel good song is TikTok’s next biggest thing, and many are waiting for them to release more music in the future.

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