TikTok book club: What it is and how to join

Book club logo and Jane Austen's PersuasionTikTok

TikTok has finally announced a TikTok book club. Find out what it is, how you can be a part of it, and what book is in the spotlight.

With a variety of trends constantly appearing on TikTok, one seems to have shone brighter than most. BookTok is the new TikTok book club that allows anyone to feel a part of the community and share their thoughts with some well-known content creators.

Having a book club on TikTok introduces another layer to this popular social media app and introduces a new community, with literature at its core. But what is TikTok book club and how can you get in on the fun? Thankfully, our hub has all the TikTok-related related answers.

What is TikTok book club?

Book club logo in front of a bookshelfTikTok
TikTok book club provides a great platform for literature lovers.

The recently announced TikTok book club is essentially a community and creator-led experience in which you read a designated book and share your opinions. If you’re a budding creator then you can make videos sharing your reviews, predictions, or who you have a crush on. Or head over to the new hub for a collation of opinions from both readers and the resident Laureates.

Such Laureates include author Ben Mercer (@Bmercer), book-obsessed Alicia (@li.reading), brutally honest Sarel (@cocosarel), reading extraordinaire Eden Reid (@edenreidreads), and expert librarian Jack Edwards (@jackbenedwards). Each of these creators will sit down once a month on a live to discuss the novel further.

How to join TikTok book club

Joining the TikTok book club couldn’t be easier. It’s something anyone can join and everyone can take part in. All you will need to do is buy the book in question and read as much or as little as you desire. Unlike traditional book clubs, there aren’t really any focuses on chapters so you can go at your own pace, although be careful of any spoilers when scrolling.

What is the first book?

Jane Austen Persuasion cover and Netflix adaptationNetflix / TikTok
The first book in book club is Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

The first book is a classic tale written by legendary writer, Jane Austen. It’s called Persuasion and is a romantic classic that many will adore.

In fact, the reading of this book coincides perfectly with the new Netflix adaptation recently released.

So, there you have it, book lovers can rejoice in their new hobby, and fans now understand everything they need regarding the new TikTok book club. Check out our TikTok hub for more related news.