How to use the Invisible Body filter on TikTok

Georgina Smith
TikTokers using the Invisible Body filter

TikTok users are loving the new ‘Invisible Body’ filter which, as the name suggests, turns your skin invisible. Here’s everything to know about how to find and use the filter.

One thing that users across TikTok love is filters, and the app is constantly adding new ones that vary from green screen effects to mini games and more.

A filter that is taking over For You Pages across the app is called the ‘Invisible Man’ filter, and has got many users baffled about how it works.

The effect makes the skin of the person in frame look ‘invisible,’ and the use of the background in the video causes it to look bizarrely realistic, to the confusion of a number of users on the app.

If you want to try this filter out for yourself, here’s everything you need to know.

How to get and use the Invisible Body filter on TikTok

The Invisible Body filter is easily available from within the TikTok app, and there’s one thing you should do when using it that will make the effect look even more seamless.

Just do as follows:

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Press the plus button at the bottom of the screen to open the camera.
  3. Click on ‘Effects’ in the bottom left corner.
  4. Tap the magnifying glass button, and search ‘Invisible Body.’
  5. Find the filter of the same name, and tap the camera button next to it.
  6. Position your phone somewhere, ideally so that you are not holding it, and make sure you are off-screen when you hit the record button. This will allow the filter to record your background.
  7. Once you’ve started recording, you can then move your body into frame. The filter should make it look as though any areas of skin are ‘invisible,’ with the image of the background taken just after you started recording showing through.

Users have been garnering thousands and like of views for their videos including this filter, and more people are discovering the effect as the trend spreads across the app.

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